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The best.
Matthew Woltz - -
Another amazing class by an amazing instructor. I’m blown away by the remarks below. Condescending and sexist tones? Haha, get real. If you really wanna get strong and take your practice to the next level, Vytas is your guy!
Spyros Kontostanos - -
thank you for this sequence
Lori Gewecke - -
WOW- perfect use of my time! You never disappoint 😀
Another solid sequence from Vytas
Harriet Key - -
Loved this - very strong and challenging with intelligent, functional transitions. I will say, if you need sun salutations in your flow, this is not the sequence you're looking for today.
Tremble Indeed!
Carla Isabel Paredes - -
My two cents: Do not do this after leg day! Hahaha. This was one of the most challenging practices I've ever done I believe. Apart from the sheer demand of the sequence, I'm also coming back from a 2-month hiatus from healthy, physical movement. And this was a great 30 minutes that reminded me of where I was, where I had allowed myself to go. But also a reminder that all you need to do is show up on the mat and the truth will be revealed. Thank you Vytas! Excited for your other classes. Namaste.
Solid, Sound, Satisfying Sequence
Sara Courter - -
Safe but challenging, well-taught, invigorating practice. A lot of steadying heat packed into a half hour. Vytas never disappoints. I found nothing condescending or inappropriate about the verbiage. I've noticed a number of female instructors on this site who commonly refer to their models as "girls", and have never once seen it mentioned in the comments of the class. I also personally can't see how this is an insult. "Girl" is not an expletive, nor is it demeaning. I prefer to appreciate and comment on the content of the sequence itself, and yet again, I found this another great one from Vytas.
Inappropriate language and condescending tone
Serene Chan - -
I love Vytas's sequences but his attitude and tone towards the models have been consistently degrading, and that takes away the enjoyment from the practice.
Balanced, challenging and fun
Kera Zacuto - -
My experience with this class seemed quite different from others on this thread. I found Vytas’ instructions to be careful, detailed, and encouraging. Perhaps my expectations were impacted by others’ comments, but I did not notice anything condescending or rude toward either student. He seemed to be making a joke when he said “level 3 students should know every single Sanskrit word” (based on the fact that that’s sort of ridiculous and also because he laughed after he said that). Regardless, what I liked most about this class were the transitions (Malasana to Ardha Chandrasana was fun), and clear cues throughout. I found him to be encouraging (he kept me hopping on one foot even though I really didn’t think I could) and direct. Great workout balanced out with a delicious hip opener at the end.
Not a Fan of This Instructor
Christina Helms - -
Agree with all the other comments that this instructors words and tone were condescending. I finally had to turn it off when he said "the GIRLS will demo!?!?" Um, I believe these two students are full grown adults.
Good Workout
Angie Murrane - -
I like this class and I don't mind the condescending tone since I can just tell him to shut the @%&! up. I have no problem with the difficulty so I don't care if I can do a level three class without knowing all terms perfectly, contrary to what Mr. Arrogant says.
Challenging in a good way
Susie Brown - -
I don't know, I didn't find the instructor's cueing or verbage off-putting. The class was hard, yes, but not at all impossible. I like that it pushed me; an excellent use of 35 minutes.
Tone of instructor is uncomfortable
Monica Douglas - -
I dob't appreciate the tone of ths instructor and how he's a;ways saying that in 3rd level we are supposed to be able to do this and that. I've decided to avoid his classes just so I don't have to listen to him. Everything but motivating
Tone of instructor is uncomfortable
Monica Douglas - -
I dob't appreciate the tone of ths instructor and how he's a;ways saying that in 3rd level we are supposed to be able to do this and that. I've decided to avoid his classes just so I don't have to listen to him. Everything but motivating
Emily Burton - -
I contemplated turning off the video multiple times because I was put off by the instructor's tone of voice. Annoyed, or apathetic maybe? Although it was a great workout physically, it was just as great of a workout mentally to try and shut out Vytas' words!
Andrew Stevens - -
When I first read the comments I was a little skeptical but I thought Vytas was fine. He expects you to keep up and doesn't pull any punches. Loved the malasana to half moon transition. Was finally able to do half moon without a block or hip issues that way. Challenging but totally worth it! :-)
Instructor chose of poses and tone made me feel uncomfortable
Paul Davison - -
I think this teacher said the word "butt" at least 25 times in the early part. I liked how his class was paced differently (fyi this is not a flow class), but what troubled me was an underlining subtle dominance and strange emphasis perhaps totally unconscious on poses where the women were leaning forward and their butt in the air much more than any yoga class I have taken in 20 years of practice, this made me feel uncomfortable.
Good class!
Anne Ormsby - -
I have said it before that Vytas is one of my favorite instructors and that continues. My issue with this class had nothing to do with the class but the wording that was used by Vytas. You have two students who are amazing with two different body types and yet he chose poor comments to use with one of them. I will do this class again because it was what I needed and it was challenging but honestly if I could turn the volume off on this one, I would!
Carisa Hill - -
I am not a yoga expert but, I'm fit and strong from weightlifting and HIIT workouts and I loved this because it was challenging but, on a different level. It worked up some heat... just what I needed!!
Jenny Bailey - -
This was a good tough, fast class like it says. My biggest issue with it, and why I won't be doing it again, is how distracting the attitude of Vytas was. He can be a little tough on the students sometimes, but usually it seems more motivating than this. It seemed like he called the one student out for every little thing she did, while the other student was left alone even when it looked like she could go deeper. I'm not sure if this was an off day for the instructor, but I wish he hadn't seemed so annoyed.
ronny kwetny - -
just what i needed:)
Is it just me?
amy stein - -
Of course, Liz can do everything - she's in at least 75% of your videos. Is it just me or did he seem to pick on the poor other woman (sorry I didn't catch her name) about everything? Although I think it's a nice gesture to include a woman who doesn't look like an idealized model, I think it defeats the purpose if she's going to be criticized the entire class. It was clearly a really difficult class & I think she did an awesome job. I was disappointed in the teacher - he could have been much more encouraging while still explaining the cues & I think he could have found better language about not landing heavily on the handstand hops.
Judit Makk-Hatzirakleous - -
Great flow, i loved the Malayan to A. Chandrasana and the A. Navasana to Savasana transition a lot! I will be shaking tomorrow... Thanks Vytas!
liz hull - -
Nice subtle cues, good twists and hip opening. Had some flow but not "flow-y". Thanks Vytas.
Change the name
mindy strnad - -
Great but not flow
Core Strength
Amy Hilan - -
I was really challenged by this, especially holding the plank variations. Good, challenging class.
Not really a flow class
kat belloli - -
I love Vytas' classes and sequences. It was a challenging, level 3 class, however it isn't a flow class at all.
Malasana to the Moon with 1 Strong Sun Salute.
Kimberly McCoy - -
What a funtastic class with transitions I would have never thought of. Vytas made me feel like a pretty extravagant healthy aligned person along with just "plain and simple" cues. Right ON...favorited.
It's more leg than flow
Lindsey Ronald - -
I thought it would be more well rounded, and while it's great, it feels 90% leg work. Great class; not for a big runner who's looking for less leg.
Jane Bauer - -
Nice sequence- thank you
Regina Casner - -
A perfect use of thirty-five minutes - thank you!