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Marah L. - -
I just came back to this class one year into breastfeeding and what can I say: it's all I ever needed at this point in life. Thank you, Ashley.
clear and concise instruction, with a calming, soothing and playful feel!
Janet K. - -
I feel like I’m in class again! This is going to be a new favorite. Always love Ashley because she builds up to everything at the perfect pace. This felt great after a week of hunching over for work and driving. Thank you
Beautiful aura
Erika P. - -
This instructor has the most beautiful voice, and her instruction was clear and concise. I just enjoyed her overall presence and the stretchy and challenging flow. Thanks! Keep singing lady!
Release through Inner Warmth
kelly j. - -
Ashley's flow allows us to open and release by building inner warmth with our breath. I felt myself melting into positions that coming onto my mat felt sticky and static. This is a practice for all levels of energy. Thank you, Ashley!
Hilit J. - -
Love this class! It incorporated strong poses, but also relaxing and long holds. I feel complete after a busy day. Also, this class went by so quickly, I almost wish it had been longer. Thanks 🙏
A wonderful, challenging, soothing practice. Excellent sequencing and instruction. I'll be back!
Calming, awesome practice
Sydney S. - -
I was having a stressful morning with work so I did this practice during my lunch break and I feel like a new person. Will definitely be doing this flow again, it's awesome
The perfect practice for a funk!
Skye N. - -
Was feeling just... blah this afternoon. This practice was perfect to bring on a deep breath, a release, and a sense of peace and acceptance. Definitely generates a little heat but sort of flushes the yuckiness out of you then sets you back down. Ending this practice feeling lighter, more centered and balanced, refreshed, and rested all at once. Feels like a release of tension and a deep breath when you didn't even realize you were breathing shallow. Will certainly be coming back to this practice when I need it. Thank you!
Anne P. - -
One of my favorites! What a lovely combination of peace and energy!
Michelle P. - -
LOVE YOU Ashley, thank you!! This blew me away this morning, had a little tear in my eye at the end. My new fave, so much love darling xxx
Calming end to a week
Konrad R. - -
Lovely practice with enough energy to start the day and enough centering and calm to end the week. Ashley's precision is appreciated as is her lightness and humor!
Beautiful voice
Lisa D. - -
Beautiful calming voice
Loved It!
Allie M. - -
The instructor is very calming and precise with her instructions. This class left me feeling wonderful! It flowed perfectly. Will definitely do it again this week and again and again! Thank you Ashley!
loved it
Casey R. - -
She is so sweet. Nice flow and love that she has a nice savasana at the end
Love the instructor's voice
Laura S. - -
Thanks for a very sweet class. I loved listening to the instructors voice throughout. Very calming and peaceful. Namaste.
Loved Ashley's Quick heart opener class! Merci bien! Felt greater
Open Your Heart!
K.C. G. - -
Ashley, I missed you! This class left me feeling more centered and open, and I broke a little sweat. Ashley's sequences flow so nicely!
Toni K. - -
I loved this sequence! Thank you Ashley for the perfect class. My heart is open and singing.
Jennifer C. - -
Thank you!
Doris B. - -
very fun and unique class that left me feeling energized!!
provided relief to my chest/upper back/shoulders
Carolina K. - -
I was feeling very tight and with pain on my chest area. during the class I could feel a very intense stretch and when it was over, there was a huge relief to the pains I was feeling. I liked the instructions and didn't feel like I need to check the screen every second.
Great sequences
Frances F. - -
Lovely timing and sequences on this, and a beautiful message to boot. highly recommend
Loved it!
Beth C. - -
This class was exactly what I needed after shoveling ❄ from my driveway yesterday. The instructions were a challenge to follow at first but got easier as time went on. I loved the instructor and her humor and wisdom.
Too much the first time
Nailah S. - -
Way too many complicated instructions that require constant looking at screen. Still, it was an energizing workout and the instructor is cool.
Wonderful.... as always!
Elizabeth V. - -
I studied with Ashley when I lived in LA and adored her and her classes. I'm thrilled that her classes and wisdom are now available online. I loved this class. Just what I needed. I'll be checking back for more classes with Ashley. My heart is happy!
Marah L. - -
Same here :) It`s wonderful to have Ashley on screen!
Deana M. - -
So enjoyed this first class for me on myyogaworks.
Tom B. - -
Great set...
Tom B. - -
Great set...
Christyl M. - -
Nice pace and instruction for an evening wind down class, when audible. It was sometimes difficult to hear the instructor clearly though, making it necessary to come out of postures to check the video.
nice slow moving heart opener
Dina F. - -
felt great and nice way to wind down the day. thanks!