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Amazing start to day
Maricela H. - -
Thank you for getting my day going!
Well Balance
Paola D. - -
Great class
Marie W. - -
This is an awesome 23 minute flow. Going to be a regular. Maybe a little of my own warm up before class.
Great alignment cues!
Kathryn F. - -
You did a great job of setting up the postures and giving thorough alignment cues without talking too much. I especially liked how you set up warrior 2.
My absolute favorite
Ree T. - -
I'd give this practice two hearts of that were an option. This is such an awesome, full-body, well-rounded class! That all this is achieved in 24 minutes is amazing. Mr. Senesi's calm voice and manner make this practice a very positive experience. I would love to see more from him. Thank you!
Betty K. - -
Great workout in this short time. Will definitely practice again!
Rachel J. - -
I’m still sore two days later from this class! Lol I found that I have been doing triangle pose incorrectly even after practicing yoga for several years. Thank you! Great class in 20 minutes :-)
More please
Tim Senesi gives terrific adjustments and clear direction. This is a terrific 20-minute flow. I would love to have a 60-minute Senesi Level 2 flow!
Cueing is amazing!
Jenn M. - -
Great instruction Tim! Love lift your pubic bone to your knee
Lisa G. - -
Great class and instructions. Easy to follow and good reminders on poses.
Great quick build of heat!
Annette R. - -
Loved this class! The pace and flow of this class was ideal. Built a sweat and feel energized to start my day! Great instruction Tim!
Great descriptions and good voice...
Alexis H. - -
Loved this quick routine was great for a quick centering. Would also enjoy a similar routine with a slightly slower pace through the chaturanga vinyasa and more modifications for the older body.
perfect way to ease back in!!
Melissa B. - -
took a long hiatus from Yoga... this was a perfect way to ease in and build enthusiasm! great flow!
Tried it for the 1st time today
Kim C. - -
I really enjoyed the flow and pace. I did this as a morning stretch before a bicycle ride and run and it was a wonderful way to wake myself up and stretch. I'm sweating already and feel energized to start the day. Thank you.
Mavis C. - -
Perfect whole body work out!
Solid level 2
Lynn C. - -
90% flow with gentle stretching at end. Pace was just right with a couple of short pauses and a few holds of poses. Warrior 3 is main challenge for balance.
Day 2 Summer Challenge
Lala S. - -
Loved this practice, well explained, I didn't even watch the screen one time while I was doing it. Great voice, very nice, thanks!
Great cues
Mallory L. - -
Loved this class and the cues he gave especially for hips/legs were spot on and easy to follow, really helped me feel my lower body engage more!
day 2
Marsha G. - -
perfect after a run
G G. - -
Just realized there were different levels for this journey. I did the day one beginner practice yesterday and it was great. But I also enjoyed Tim's more challenging practice as well. Thank you for all the options!
day two
natalie e. - -
loved the flow and enjoyed Tim's voice too!
day 2
samantha k. - -
Glad I warmed up my body at the gym before doing this. Great flow.
Little too quick
Rachel H. - -
Definitely want to warm up before this class begins. Loved the teacher and the alternative poses demonstrated.
Happy Morning!
Heidi R. - -
Great morning flow! I liked the paced and the instruction for this quick wake-up session!
Great Flow
Ikonia u. - -
I really enjoyed this class. The flow was smart and accessible, the teachers voice very calm soothing and precise. Thank you!
Great Class for 20 min
Caryn T. - -
This class had an amazing flow, with great connection to breath. Be prepared to sweat a little depending on how deep you take your poses.
Love it in the morning!
Kristi D. - -
I love the pace of this one and that there really is a bit of everything. Great quick start. Also I really like the instruction in triangle pose to think as though your back is against the wall. First time I have heard that but it makes a lot of sense!
Deborah B. - -
This went WAY faster than I was expecting. Felt like I was getting left behind a lot of the time. Barely had time to get in to some of the poses and other times I just had to skip things all together to keep up.
Sweet Flow
Noreen T. - -
Great breath work! Nice timing to allow full expansion in poses. I will return! Thank You
Carolyn T. - -
?? this quick, but effective flow?? Great direction.
Perfect short practice
Carolyn C. - -
Nice flow and ease of instruction, really enjoyed. Felt great after a long day in the office.
2 Thumbs WAY up!!
Jessica R. - -
I am so happy this practice got put on the 21 day challenge, otherwise I doubt I would use it. What a wonderful practice. My lower back was acting up after work so I knew I couldn't handle a really long practice, but this being 20 min was perfect. And it helped my back. I'm going to be looming at more of Tim's classes now =D
mary g. - -
Great mini vinyasa class. Nice direction.
Right title
Emma S. - -
This class is exactly aa announced: a quick well rounded flow. Perfect for a short practice.
Feelin the flow!
Jessie P. - -
A great energizing sequence that I will definitely be adding to my list of favs. Thank you, Tim!
Stretch and strengthen
Lindsey G. - -
I liked the good stretch this practice gives you as well as the strength it builds. I also liked that it wasn't the same flow over and over which can get a bit boring. Great 20 minute flow.
Fantastic quickie
Lia M. - -
A great go-to when you only have 20 minutes. Well-rounded indeed.
Quick and Effective
Erin F. - -
Perfect 20 minute vinyasa flow when you are short on time.
Good Morning =D
Jessica R. - -
First time dong a Tim practice and I must say I really enjoyed this one. Was nicely rounded and gave me some energy to start my day. This shall go in my favorites
Excellent! More Please!
sharon c. - -
I love this workout and keep coming back again and again. The pace is perfect and the body adjustment and talk just right! Tim - would love more of your 20-30 minute workouts!
Stephanie L. - -
My favourite class so far for when there's only 20 minutes to spare. Carolina hit the nail on the head when she said it was energising and relaxing at the same time. Thank you!
Loved it!
Arwa A. - -
Great quick practice...hits all the right spots!
Carolina R. - -
I love, love, love this one! Perfect practice after a light breakfast and a cup of coffee. Energizing and relaxing all at the same time :) Love the cycles but not too much repetition of the same thing, A fave for sure! CR.