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Powerful Flow
Jill T. - -
Great class! It moves very quickly - flow and strength.
short sweaty flow
Elizabeth G. - -
I appreciated this flow today. I have a tendency to prefer more hatha-focused classes, and sometimes need to mix things up with a faster flow. Nice pace, nice add-ons, great directions. I worked up a nice sweat. Good breathing cues during held poses.
An Enjoyable Quick Flow
Cheryl R. - -
Good for when you need to move but not too hard or for too long.
Yuan Y. - -
The title says it all! Hope to see more videos from Carolina
Christina M. - -
So much length, strength, and extension packed into this wonderfully sequenced half hour! Thank you Carolina for a beautiful class!
Studio Sesh Feels
Lauren T. - -
This is my FAVORITE class I have done (here). Starts out with warm up vinyasas but then fast-peddles into a challenging flow with some wonderful, strength-building poses and transitions. I very much enjoyed this class and felt like it packed in as much ZEN, STRENGTH, & FLOW as it could in 30ish mins.
Loved it!
Adam M. - -
Amazing raw vinyasa flow when you're short on time. Perfect for a quickie in my hotel room while on the move - opened me up, got a little sweaty, and FLOWED!
Natalie D. - -
Great classic class back to the basics and I loved it really got the heart and sweat going!
Melanie J. - -
This class is exactly what it says it will be, a raw flow. Perfect for those days when that's what you want! Starts with Half Surya Namaskars, then moves on to SNA variations, SNBs, and lots of vinyasas, building to Virabhadrasana III. Builds heat and heart rate gradually. Note: there is no cool-down or any seated poses or savasana at the end of this class, so you may want to plan for a few extra minutes afterward to wind down.
Great class.. sequencing is consistent, and builds.... Your heart rate will as well.
Annie L. - -
Classic flow. A bit repetitive for my taste, but others might enjoy it.