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Matter of personal preference
Anna S. - -
This one was too dull and nagging to me. I was not engaged and cut out early.
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Anne, Yoga is so personal. Glad to hear you are taking care of yourself. Namaste, Birgitte
Great way to start the morning
Ryan O. - -
Really specific and helpful instruction for posture correction. Almost broke a sweat midway through but not quite. Really feeling grounded.
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Ryan, Glad to hear that the practice helped ground you. Thank you for leaving feedback. So appreciated. Warmest, Birgitte
Birgitte K. - -
If you like to explore newer videos, you can check out my Youtube channel: Birgitte Kristen Yoga and Meditation.
loved it
Sharon V. - -
very soothing yet it worked muscles and alignment. thank you!
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Sharon, Great to hear. Thank you for your feedback. Stay safe and healthy. Namaste, Birgitte
Audrey G. - -
This was a really wonderful class. Grateful I did it. Thank you Birgitte. (For those reading the comments before taking this class. -- you do not need props but if you have blocks and like them for triangle pose have them close by.)
Birgitte K. - - (edited)
Hi Audrey, Thank you so much for your feedback. Glad you enjoyed it. If you like, you can go to my most recent life stream videos on my website:, Namaste, Birgitte
Mary L. - -
Great class. Doing all those basic poses very slowly really helped me be in touch with each muscle. I think Stephanie who was one of the yogis with you is my Pilates teacher at Yogaworks in Valencia. She is the best.
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Mary, Yes, that is Stephanie..and she is great! Stay well and healthy. Namaste, Birgitte
Demi L. - -
Great Simple Well Guided Class!
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Demi, Thank you! Namaste, Birgitte
Louise B. - -
Thank you Birgitte. So so grateful to be able to continue practicing with you while staying home.
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Louise, Always good to hear from you. Hope we can see each other in person soon........B
A slow pace through various poses
Skye N. - -
A little more heat than I was looking to build in a restorative practice but a nice overall flow. Gets you pretty close to breaking a light sweat which wasn't what I was looking for tonight but may be desirable for others.
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Skye, Thank you for your feedback. I think I meant "restored" in a way to get rid of any stored tension or residue....that makes us feel less clear. I have an actual restorative practice called; Sanctuary. Namaste, Birgitte
Elizabeth G. - -
A little more active than I was looking for after a long day of travel, but I do feel refreshed afterwards! Clean instruction, lots of nice alignment points for warrior poses. Will practice this sequence again!
Thank you for this!
Holly S. - -
This class was just what I needed. Thank you, thank you!
Really nice.
Dina F. - -
I really enjoyed this basic and energizing flow. Very nice and effective instruction- I am feeling much better now!
Jennifer B. - -
As someone toggling between levels 1 & 2 this was a good way to start the day.
Mariana F. - -
kind of boring :(
Feeling so much better!
Wendy P. - -
I was feeling off all day and had light to moderate stomach cramps. After applying some essential oils on my stomach and resting with a heat pad for 20 min, my stomach cramps were mild enough for me to try yoga. This was perfect! I feel better, refreshed, and energized and ready for the rest of my evening.
Laura S. - -
Unbelievable! I feel so refreshed, restored, and re-energized after this practice. After a very disturbing night and long day at work, this is really what I needed. xoxo
Level 1?
Wendy H. - -
This did not feel like a level one class. The poses were basic, but there were not modifications provided for some of the poses that required more strength which may have not been built up yet but the person practicing. .
Jackie C. - -
I loved the pace of this class. It helped me focus on what's really important and to be in the moment. Thank you!
Charlene H. - -
Wonder first class!
Loved it!!!
Kristin F. - -
I loved this class. Some of these online classes are too fast for me. I'm a level 1-2 at YW.
Rosemary S. - -
Lovely workout....gentle yet challenging, personally I love the slower the stretching and deep relaxation. Also my longest class yet! Yeah me??