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Thank you ❤️
Laurel Silberman - -
What a treat. This was a perfect way to settle into a space of grateful embodiment following a busy day. As a full time student, sometimes 30 minutes is all I have for a practice. This one has left me feeling joyous, open, and ready to go into my nightly routine. I could also see it being amazing in the morning or mid-day. I will revisit this one often. Thank you ❤️
love this one
Inga Thornell - -
I do this one regularly! such great cueing that I can do it with audio only in a dark room, lovely, relaxing practice.
Carolyn Burelbach - -
Love this!
Great morning class
Suni Sullivan - -
Perfect for my mornings. Thank you!
From Mary-Louise
Mary-Louise Burt - -
I really loved this class. Will teach it here in the midwest.
Kim Muller - -
Just right to start my day!
So Good
Gini Thomas - -
One of my favorites for anytime of day. Especially if my body is tight. Thank you Melanie!
Great for traveling
Amanda Sesser - -
An excellent, gentle way to lubricate the joints and loosen the spine after traveling or sitting for prolonged periods. I needed this!
Super all in
Matthias Nowak - -
Top lass
Jill Connelly - -
A lovely sequence. I loved the strap stretch. I've done this before, but Melanie's cue to push the hip to the opposite heel made an incredible difference. Thank you!
Takako Jawor - -
I just love everything about it.
Solid Intro
Jennifer Baker - -
This was super helpful as a starter. I've done beginner's yoga for a bit and this gave me a much more well-rounded stretch and feeling of calm throughout my body.
Great instruction
Lori Lawrence - -
I so appreciate the instruction and guidance through each pose to ensure I’m doing the pose correctly and being mindful, thanks so very much! 🙏🏻
The perfect reintroduction into Yoga
Lauren Sanvidge - -
Thank you Melanie! Such an awesome teacher. I haven't practiced regularly for a few years after moving away from the Yoga Works studio in my old town. I missed it a lot and couldn't find a replacement. This online class took my right back to the studio. It's a great beginner class to get me back into regular practice.
Celeste Blake - -
Love it ty !
Perfect After a Long Break
Holly Ladd - -
I haven't had a regular yoga practice for at least a 10 years focusing more on building muscle and cycling. This is the perfect class to reintroduce my body to some of the basic asanas. I love that it's only 30 minutes as that fits my lifestyle at the moment. Melanie does a great job explaining the poses and making modifications when needed. Her tone is spot on and just puts me in the right frame of mind. Plus, my hips, calves and IT bands will be thanking her in a few months!
Just what I needed
Lori Belateche - -
I have not done yoga for a couple of years and I wanted to get back into it nice and slow. A perfect, gentle reintroduction. Thank you!
So relaxing
Gisela Mattsson - -
Thank you, Melanie, for a very pleasant and relaxing practice.
kristine bartley - -
My yoga practice started in 1972. At one time I was most comfortable in level 3 classes. Now that I'm further down the path of life I find the level 1&2 classes are more appropriate for my body now. It's been a challenge to come to this realization! Thank you Melanie for classes that are right for me now and in the comfort of my home!
Rashne Green - -
I love Melanie! I've been practicing yoga for close to 30 years, but her cues and tips had me modifying my postures for the better! This is a fab short class when you just need to squeeze a little stretching into your day. Try her pre-bedtime classes too, they are a wonderful to relax you and get ready for a good night's sleep.
Nancy Walton - -
Wonderful! Thank you, Melanie!
Lovely stretch at the end of the day
Amy Hughes - -
Really enjoyed this and loved Melanie's instruction. She gives very clear and well-worded instructions that help you understand how to get the most out of stretches and poses. I learnt a lot from this one class and will be looking for more by Melanie. It was a gorgeous stretch for the end of a long day with a stiff back and shoulders. Thank you!
Elizabeth Grossman - -
Lovely class with some long holds on standing poses. Very enjoyable!
Love the class and the instructor!
Ajay Somani - -
I am just confirming what others have already said here, Melanie's calming voice and clear instructions are very helpful. I will look for a longer class from her. Thank you Melanie!
Cora Del Castillo - -
Great practice! This class is perfect after a week of being unable to practice. I love Melanie's sequences and cues. Her pace is just right, it allows you to really move with your breath.
Just what I needed.
Ana Armendariz - -
This class is great after a long day at work. I feel so well rested and calm. my day has melted away. thank you Melanie!
Valerie Wiesbrock - -
Great class for coming back into it after 1 yr post baby! Melanie is the right amount of practical and calming, often saying things that you may think about your own limitations and accepting them. Love her affect and calming nature. Also love her moves and way of explaining.
katharine talamantez - -
I love the way she conducts the class and is so well spoken.
I love Melanie
Atie Julyastutie - -
Love your class so much!
Just right...
Jami Woods - -
This class is just what I need on days that I do other, more intense cardio training also. Just feels sooo good!!
Good for easing back in
Julia C - -
Easing back into yoga after a long hiatus and this was a gentle but heat-generating way to do it. Melanie is such a pro at cueing and her voice is so soothing. Surprisingly felt worked up enough to feel warm about two-thirds of the way in. Good for stretching out the hamstrings and back.
Robyn Rosen - -
Really great cueing! It was perfect for me to go back to basics and refine a bit. Thank you!
Rene Riedlinger - -
I am in a short boot with a torn plantar plate injury and this practice was perfect.. I was able to modify the planks with knees down. Lori has such a calm, positive way of teaching that is so incredible. My cardio is limited for now but this was so good for me.
Regular Daily Practice
Andrea Mathews - -
Really liked this video!
christina jones - -
Great class! Recovering from a sprained ankle and was just perfect!!
Lau Ming Ngo - -
Day 3 of 14: Thank you I'm here!
Haylie Cooler - -
Even though I have a major ear infection, I managed to make time to do this class!
Day 3
Susan Husted - -
Enjoyed this class immensely!
Day 3
Shirley Young - -
I found this challenging and had to miss out a few bits when my vertigo kicked in but realising how much I need to get fit. I enjoyed the pace of this class and the very clear instructions.
Great nice and easy class
Mimi E. - -
I enjoyed this class...the instructor takes you through all the basic poses while giving very useful verbal cues. I especially enjoyed the cross over leg stretch with the really helped to release my tight IT band.
always learn something from your classes
Lu Ann Sieber - -
Love the prompting and informational instructions. Love to listen and learn from you Melanie!
My Favorite Instructor!
Karen Elpers - -
Thanks again Melanie, you are exceptional!
Excellent Class
Katie Kobylenski - -
I really loved this class. The instructor is exceptional! Her cuing was right on and I feel like I got a lot out of this class.
Mary Cosgrove - -
Easy and calming voice with deep content. Thank you
A nice, easy, slow class to get back into yoga
Lauren Glaser - -
I enjoyed this class to relax and stretch, though not to flow or sweat.