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Kim M. - -
It took so long to get into one position, with so many tools and explanations I got annoyed and moved on.
Jiahan W. - - (edited)
Needs too many tools
Ultimate Relaxation
kelly j. - -
Thank you Ashley, this practice goes full circle in relaxing the body, breath and mind.
Lovely Restorative
Wendy B. - -
This class was very relaxing. And I love your voice. Just what I needed today. 🙏
Mary W. - -
great class for relaxation!
Just right
Dominique R. - -
The best "business trip in a hotel room online restorative class." Just what I needed. Thank you.
Julia D. - -
Lovely restorative class.
So relaxing
Kim M. - -
I really enjoyed this class thank you. The teacher has a nice soft soothing voice.
love it
Bridget T. - -
this was my 4th time to practice this video. love ashley and this class. wish there were more full length restorative classes like this one
Liz W. - -
Absolutely, this is the perfect remote class, would like to see 7-10 more, at least one with some music!
Why hasn't this class been marked as restorative?
Daniel E. - -
It says restorative in the description but when searching for restorative classes, it doesn't come up in the search results.