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Sydni A. - -
Beautiful class! Not easy, but very simple to follow for all levels. Lots of twists for hips and lower back.
Sydni A. - -
Beautiful class! Not easy, but very simple to follow for all levels. Lots of twists for hips and lower back.
Suni S. - -
Very nice Yin class. Im getting back into my practice and this was a great release of energy that I didn't need. Jen your so calming & the chime when it's time to come out of the pose is a nice way to come back to myself during the pose. More please!!! Thank you
Love this class!
Linda P. - -
Hope there are more Yin classes like this and possibly one that is 90 minutes would be awesome!
Just what my ordered!
Marissa P. - -
as always Jen delivers a perfect combination of alignment, instruction, and calm. Thank you!
Perfect Yin practice
Dina F. - -
Loved the instruction and how I feel. Will definitely incorporate as a regular part of my practice.
Exactly what my body wanted
Cathy R. - -
Poses I've done and today especially needed, appreciated the longer holds and the bell signal. Thanks much.
Bikers Take Note
Jenny E. - -
For those of us who bike and run and stairclimb, this is exactly what our hip flexors ordered. Thanks!
Candace L. - -
This felt amazing! Really called attention to all those hours of sitting and driving for work and the need to open my hip flexors as well as the hamstrings. Thank you!
Hip flexors feel great after this
Julia P. - -
Thank you for a great class! I do have a request for a modification on the final pose. If I grab the foot behind me it hurts my knee and I can’t get the knee to the ground. I added a block beneath the back knee but I’m curious if there is a better way to modify this?
Great class!
Jason S. - -
It was a tougher class for me as my hip flexors are extremely tight and painful, but I feel amazing after the class. Loved her instruction and the 2.5 min of each stretch helped me get deeper. Amazing, amazing, amazing class!
Annie F. - -
My new favorite class
Annie F. - -
My new favorite class
Mindful expansion
Lindsay C. - -
I'm pleased to discover another MyYogaWorks teacher whose grasp on anatomy AND willingness to focus on the consciousness inherent in yoga work together to create a truly engaging class that one could do many, many times while still only scratching the surface of its implications. I like the "no rush" feel of this class, the fact that Jennifer didn't feel the need to fill every silence with more talk, and her use of semi-long pose lengths (2.5 mins) as well as a bell for transitions, so that the class felt relaxing in every dimension. I definitely feel more open and expanded, and yet also grounded and present. Excellent class!
Thank you~
Jennifer H. - -
Wow. I feel so good! Thank you!
Valerie K. - -
Just right yin. Perfect after a run, thanks so much.
Sharon E. - -
Wonderful and relaxing. Great stretching for difficult area!
Laurie W. - -
Certainly needed to find this practice!
wow! awesome stretch
Anita Y. - -
Release your hip flexors is an amazing session!!! Loved it, I feel great!!