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Love this class!
Ira G. - -
Great class - it is difficult enough, with some long holds and flows in-between. Made me sweat! Solid instruction. Butt and girl comments didn’t bother me. I am a girl and I have a butt.
Love it
Mary C. - -
Great class with a good dose of just about everything. The butt comment was not a problem for me. They do have great butts
Martha S. - -
After all the comments about the butt thing, I was really expecting something offensive. It wasn't that bad, guys. I actually laughed out loud when he said it because I was like "wow, THIS is what's got people so worked up?" It was clearly meant as a joke and I wasn't offended, but everyone has different comfort zones. All in all, great work out. A little intense at times, butt (ha) worth it. Will definitely take this class again!
Mary C. - -
Yoga with a side of sexual harassment
Alison R. - -
It’s a good, challenging yoga class, but midway through the teacher thinks it’s ok to comment on how nice the women’s butts are. Not how strong and dedicated to their practice they are, but on their butts. It made me uncomfortable and I’m disappointed that YogaWorks found that acceptable enough to include it in their on demand videos.
John L. - -
So great to get so much in only 60 mins. Thank you!
Like the walls are closing in on you
apropos for quarantine times... butt/naked comments were like hitting small snags. I will give a pass because all of the rest is excellent and doing this even w/ lots of interruptions at home still helped turn my mood around.
Amazing, except....
Carissa K. - -
I absolutely loved this class and the style of Vytas's instruction. However, the comment about the women's butts and referring referring to the clearly grown women as girls several times in the video was incredibly off putting. I see this was recored several years ago, and I hope that this teacher has since learned how to better respect his female students. Maybe an edit is in order...
Alison R. - -
Great class and relentless is right!! Good instructions and great sequences.
Wait, what?
Jonathan S. - - (edited)
I think the comment about the demonstrator's butts is inappropriate. It's a workplace, no? Same with speculating about whether we're nude at home. The rest of the class was good, but I would prefer that the dialogue stay focused on yoga.
Alison R. - -
I agree!
Just the right amount of relentlessness!
Pratibha S. - -
Vytas is the best teacher I have ever taken a yoga class with. No unnecessary chatter. Clear and very helpful guidance to poses. Thanks to COVID-19, I started taking online classes and that’s how I discovered this class. Thanks Vytas!
Love this
Brian C. - -
Next best thing to be in class with Vytas
Great workout
Betty K. - -
Great workout! Strong flow, well rounded. Love it!
Good strength class
Jessie J. - -
I needed more heat to go as deeply into the poses as I would like. Not a level 3, in my opinion. Its a Vytas level 2.
Gerta Y. - -
As im working with this class since some weeks, I decided to do it blindfolded yesterday. It was unbelievable. All the poses and movement felt different and I was I a better space. I must say that I struggled a bit with the standing poses but it was a great practice. I encourage everyone to try it, just be careful that you are not surrounded by breakable
A good 60 minute flow
Lisa S. - -
The flow kept me moving at the beginning, long holds in the middle, nice cool down at end.
Not really flow
Jennifer H. - -
Lots of pausing and choppy movements towards the end, good beginning as described "flow" but fizzled towards the end...easy level "3"
Great Class!
minami t. - -
I loved this class. I really appreciated his prompts. So helpful and right on!
Ashley O. - -
Loved this class- super strong practice with a little bit of everything! Nice instruction of breath and flow!! thank you!!!
Kate T. - -
Vytas just has a way of making you work hard, keep great alignment and yet stay calm in your breath. SO glad I subscribed to My Yoga Works!!!
Relentless indeed!
Michele F. - -
Loved this class, LOVE Vytas!
Love Vytas!
Jessica G. - -
I love this class, and all of Vytas' classes. They are challenging, well-paced, and the instruction is always insightful but restrained. I am a YogaWorks addict now, practicing every day, and I feel great. Thanks!
leila s. - -
love this class, every minute was excellent, no time wasted, super strong, meticulous instruction that's easy to follow. one of the best online videos. It's a treat to be able to follow your videos while abroad. :)
Love this flow!
Stephanie F. - -
Seriously - my favorite video on the whole site. More videos with Vytas please!
Absolutely Brilliant
Sarah Y. - -
This class is just delicious. I practice all the way from Egypt, now I get on the mat and open this video and its as if Im right back at the studio again. Thank you Vytas, Namaste!
brian k. - -
Great for me while Im away from the studio; feels like home. Vytas... your voice and calm demeanor are great for yoga. Been meaning to tell you that. Only wish this class was full 90 min, but Ill take it! Truly love practicing in your classes. Missing SM Yogaworks. Thanks a bunch.
Great yoga
Mia Z. - -
Great yoga class thx:)
Awesome class!
Mary N. - -
My first level 3 class. I loved it!
Great Flow Class
Sandra S. - -
Fantastic! Totally Energized!
Good Stuff!
Sarah B. - -
It really sucks when Vytas is out of town, but this online class keeps me grounded when hes just got to leave! Dont even have to look up at the screen. His voice perfectly walks me through the practice, which is the sign of a great teacher. More please!
Thanks from Paris
Helen K. - -
Hi Vytas, i used to come to your class in SM. Just discovered this online, so cool, like a trip back West without plane ticket
Perfect hour
Caroline D. - -
This is a hard but fun class. Its almost as good as going to a yoga works class in sm.
Saman D. - -
Great flow! More classes by Vytas please!
Rodie R. - -
This is probably my favorite and most challenging MYW video Ive watched so far! The transitions and sequencing was very original, which kept me focused! Namaste!
Joanna B. - -
Clearly-instructed and well rounded flow. Thank you.
Killer Practice
Sara C. - -
Awesome sequence, not a moment wasted, definitely broke a sweat. Loved the handstand prep (would pause this and take my mat to the wall next time). Very cool sequencing and intelligent cueing. Only complaint is I could barely hear Vytas for many parts of the video! Amazing practice. Namaste.
Karen K. - -
Wonderful class! A good sprinkling of everything normally found in a level 3 class at Yoga Works in Santa Monica at a steady pace. One of the best online videos as it really felt like I was in the studio.
Challenging and Worth Every Minute
Erika P. - -
There is no wasted time in this video. Every minute counts and Vytas instruction is really clear and easy to follow when you cant see the screen. It felt like I was in the studio!
Erin K. - -
steady, pleasant voice and easy to follow cues. a well rounded hour that will balance & invigorate.
Tough class, but super enjoyable! :)
Erin R. - -
Tough class, but super enjoyable! :)
Melissa B. - -
amazing... loved every minute!
Natalie C. - -
completely awesome. Not sure that I could survive 90 mins!
Daniella R. - -
This is perfect for my daily flow in my dorm room in college! Thanks Vytas!