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Subtle and Powerful
During this pandemic, our screen time scrunches the organs. Thank you. Your directions are always so accurate. Miss your class
Restorative yoga
Julia F. - -
Thank you for the instruction. The information deepens the benefits.
Linda P. - -
Wonderful Class! We need more restorative and Iyengar classes on!
Janna B. - -
Thank you for your calming presence. I also appreciate your references to Light on Yoga and Mr. Iyengar's teachings.
Thank you Chris
Birgitte K. - -
Vanessa L. - -
Yes, thank you for your detailed instructions and calm presence. I am looking forward to someday teaching restorative yoga and I appreciating the opportunity to learn from your guidance in this video.
Interstitial Cystitis
Debbie H. - -
I have saved this one - its an wonderful addition in the management of my interstitial cystitis. I didnt have two bolsters but found I could create a second one by using two blocks and two fluffy towels. Thanks
So helpful for stress
Susan C. - -
Thank you for this restorative video. It is so helpful on stressful days.
Chris is fantastic
Gregory A. - -
Calm and expert guidance through the pose and in Iyengar principles. Thank you!