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~~Perfect Balance~~
Shaila M. - -
Melanie, Namaste! Such a wonderfully relaxing and meditative restorative practice! Shukriya!
absolutely love
Bridget T. - -
second time to take this class and i paused throughout and added a timer. beautiful sequence of restorative poses
Karie L. - -
I would love to see a longer version of this class in which the poses are held for the recommended length of time. The pacing here felt rushed for a restorative class, such that I think of this video as a quick demonstration of types of restorative poses rather than an actual restorative practice. Continually getting up to press the "pause" button on my computer, as suggested, isn't practical for me and seems somewhat counterintuitive for what otherwise would be an incredibly relaxing class.
Karen N. - -
Too miscast talking for a restorative class.
Brittany G. - -
It was nice but the teacher was very quiet. Even on the loudest volume I could barely hear her. I also agree that a full class with cues instead of having to use the pause button would be WONDERFUL!
Shannon L. - -
A great taste of restorative. I would love to see a full-length restorative system with relaxation cues. Fussing with the pause button and setting a time throws off my relaxation.