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Good shorter flow, some cues are awkward
Julia C. - -
I enjoyed this for a quicker class that was well balanced. That said, I found some of her verbal cues to be strangely worded and confusing. The reminder to be mindful/present during shavasana was great!
Not quite rigorous
Colleen M. - -
Agree with other comments that this wasnt very rigorous; it's really only a 23/24 min workout, but I liked her comments about the breath at the end!
Easy 30
Jennifer H. - -
Not really THAT rigorous. Feels good to get moving, was hoping for more well rounded. Poses are held longer taking up time leaving less variety.
Rotating this class into my regular practice!
Jean J. - -
I agree with all the comments here and loved this 30 minute rigorous flow. It was well balanced with great cues and a fun lighthearted teacher. Thank you!!
Kylie D. - -
A lovely challenge packed into 30 minutes, and I so appreciate Alexandria's sense of fun and humor! Thanks so much!
Anthony R. - -
Yes! I love her lighter approach to a still challenging practice!
Jordan S. - -
Skipped a few days due to travel Day 6 (2 parts today)
Amber H. - -
Playing catch up completing this day 1 of week 2 and the final day of week 1. I liked this one a bit longer and more of the standing series than last week.
Bridget G. - -
Best use of 30 minutes ever. I feel great after this short class.
Perfect class for the time
Katy S. - -
Echo what others have stated, perfect flow given the time constraints. Will definitely do again when I've got limited time, thanks!!
One of my Go-To Classes
Jade M. - -
Perfect blend of challenging poses, vinyasa, and stretches all in 30 minutes! It's becoming one of my go-to classes when I need just those things and only have a little bit of time. Thanks, Alexandria! Namaste!
Great 30 minutes
Angela M. - -
Shorted vid but it made me sweat!
Anne O. - -
Just starting the challenge and this was a perfect first class. Thank you!
Tessa F. - -
Wow, that just flew by. Thanks for a fun, well rounded class. The pace was perfect.
Loved it - simple, challenging and deep!
Natalia S. - -
Thank you Alexandria.
Great Class
stephanie m. - -
This is a great class for those looking for a shorter practice, but still want to sweat. Really good for the road! And Alexandria is always making me laugh... robots shouldn't find backbends to be difficult, right!?
Jessica R. - -
I've always had a very busy mind and have had trouble controlling it. Since I've started this 28 day challenge I've noticed that I am able to calm it down and focus on my breathing. I'm not perfect at it, but today with his practice I became better at it. Thank you Alexandria =D
My New Good Morning Workout on the Road
Aaron M. - -
Really nice exercise and well rounded. And I LOVED the humor too! Laughing and yoga are a rarely used combination!
I got yoga in!!!!
Candas J. - -
First time doing this with the online class option!!! So thankful!
Linda C. - -
I love taking classes from Alexandria because she explains the moves so well that I do not need to watch the video (usually) and because she is SO positive (love her laughter!). Thanks for another terrific class!
Jana B. - -
The perfect yoga quickie from the very lovely and talented Ms. Crow! Thanks girl!
Mary J. - -
I like her teaching instructions and reminders about alignment. I was short on time and looking for a quick, rigorous practice. When I do my own they inevitably turn into 1+ hours because I try to include everything. I wanted to see how a professional would streamline sequencing to be well rounded yet vigorous. Unfortunately, this practice didn't quite provide what I was seeking. A good, short practice, but not as well rounded as I anticipated, nor as rigorous as I wished. Will try her classes again to see if it was just the day, my effort (or possible lack thereof) and what a longer class will be like with this teacher.
Mary J. - -
I like her teaching instructions and reminders about alignment. I was looking for a much more rigorous flow. My heart rate didn't really elevate nor did I sweat and usually I sweat copiously. Maybe I didn't give it enough effort or maybe I am improving. Will try a longer class by this instructor and see what happens.
Bernard J. - -
like it!
Victoria G. - -
I just started Level 2 classes and I love this class. It is challenging and builds up a great sweat, but it is simple enough for a new Level 2 yogi. Ive done this class a few times and each time, I get something new out of it.
Colleen C. - -
I love this! I love that I can do this with my eyes closed and still understand your instruction. So hard but so rewarding. Thank you, Alexandria!
Melissa S. - -
This flow works up a really good sweat while still providing all the benefits of a full yoga class.
Maryia P. - -
feeling so good!thanks!
Androulla H. - -
perfect quick flow! and tough! thanks!
adriana C. - -
Very good practice. Really like your directions.
Perfect if youre short on time!
Joy T. - -
This was a great practice if you only have a small amount of time. It wasnt super advanced but still felt rigorous and nourishing.