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Rotating this class into my regular practice!
Jean J. - -
I agree with all the comments here and loved this 30 minute rigorous flow. It was well balanced with great cues and a fun lighthearted teacher. Thank you!!
Kylie D. - -
A lovely challenge packed into 30 minutes, and I so appreciate Alexandria's sense of fun and humor! Thanks so much!
Anthony R. - -
Yes! I love her lighter approach to a still challenging practice!
Jordan S. - -
Skipped a few days due to travel Day 6 (2 parts today)
Amber H. - -
Playing catch up completing this day 1 of week 2 and the final day of week 1. I liked this one a bit longer and more of the standing series than last week.
Bridget G. - -
Best use of 30 minutes ever. I feel great after this short class.
Perfect class for the time
Katy S. - -
Echo what others have stated, perfect flow given the time constraints. Will definitely do again when I've got limited time, thanks!!
One of my Go-To Classes
Jade M. - -
Perfect blend of challenging poses, vinyasa, and stretches all in 30 minutes! It's becoming one of my go-to classes when I need just those things and only have a little bit of time. Thanks, Alexandria! Namaste!
Great 30 minutes
Angela M. - -
Shorted vid but it made me sweat!
Anne O. - -
Just starting the challenge and this was a perfect first class. Thank you!
Tessa F. - -
Wow, that just flew by. Thanks for a fun, well rounded class. The pace was perfect.
Loved it - simple, challenging and deep!
Natalia S. - -
Thank you Alexandria.
Great Class
stephanie m. - -
This is a great class for those looking for a shorter practice, but still want to sweat. Really good for the road! And Alexandria is always making me laugh... robots shouldn't find backbends to be difficult, right!?
Jessica R. - -
I've always had a very busy mind and have had trouble controlling it. Since I've started this 28 day challenge I've noticed that I am able to calm it down and focus on my breathing. I'm not perfect at it, but today with his practice I became better at it. Thank you Alexandria =D
My New Good Morning Workout on the Road
Aaron M. - -
Really nice exercise and well rounded. And I LOVED the humor too! Laughing and yoga are a rarely used combination!
I got yoga in!!!!
Candas J. - -
First time doing this with the online class option!!! So thankful!
Linda C. - -
I love taking classes from Alexandria because she explains the moves so well that I do not need to watch the video (usually) and because she is SO positive (love her laughter!). Thanks for another terrific class!
Jana B. - -
The perfect yoga quickie from the very lovely and talented Ms. Crow! Thanks girl!
Mary J. - -
I like her teaching instructions and reminders about alignment. I was short on time and looking for a quick, rigorous practice. When I do my own they inevitably turn into 1+ hours because I try to include everything. I wanted to see how a professional would streamline sequencing to be well rounded yet vigorous. Unfortunately, this practice didn't quite provide what I was seeking. A good, short practice, but not as well rounded as I anticipated, nor as rigorous as I wished. Will try her classes again to see if it was just the day, my effort (or possible lack thereof) and what a longer class will be like with this teacher.
Mary J. - -
I like her teaching instructions and reminders about alignment. I was looking for a much more rigorous flow. My heart rate didn't really elevate nor did I sweat and usually I sweat copiously. Maybe I didn't give it enough effort or maybe I am improving. Will try a longer class by this instructor and see what happens.
Bernard J. - -
like it!
Victoria G. - -
I just started Level 2 classes and I love this class. It is challenging and builds up a great sweat, but it is simple enough for a new Level 2 yogi. Ive done this class a few times and each time, I get something new out of it.
Colleen C. - -
I love this! I love that I can do this with my eyes closed and still understand your instruction. So hard but so rewarding. Thank you, Alexandria!
Melissa S. - -
This flow works up a really good sweat while still providing all the benefits of a full yoga class.
Maryia P. - -
feeling so good!thanks!
Androulla H. - -
perfect quick flow! and tough! thanks!
adriana C. - -
Very good practice. Really like your directions.
Perfect if youre short on time!
Joy T. - -
This was a great practice if you only have a small amount of time. It wasnt super advanced but still felt rigorous and nourishing.