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Emily H. - -
I enjoyed this practice, thank you.
Rise and Shine PranayamaMeditation
Prativa K. - -
Hello Kim, I think that it is a very nice way to begin the day. I found the instructions educational. Will you explain how to apply mula bandha and uddiyana bandha for someone who may not understand? In conclusion, it is a very mindful practice and say hello morning. Thank you, Prati
Paola T. - -
I don't see the problem with the voice, everyone has a different voice! The practice was powerful and energising, and I loved the final thought the teacher left us with. Thank you.
not relaxing
Lesley E. - -
not relaxing or energizing, its annoying
Nice, but I agree her voice wasn’t very relaxing
deana p. - -
Her tone was more so annoying saying “inhaling, inhaling, inhaling...”
Great breathing techniques, but harsh delivery
Kristen K. - -
Loved the breathing techniques and this seems like a great way to start the day. But I was pretty distracted and surprised with how harsh the teacher’s voice was! It didn’t match the relaxed or energized feel I was hoping to cultivate. If she could do the instruction in the same tone as when she instructed on noticing the small breathing sensations, this would be perfect.
Nice Breathing Techniques, Not very relaxing
Shannon H. - -
I enjoyed the actual breathing techniques we did in this video, however, the teacher's voice is very harsh and not at all relaxing. She barks "inhaling" "inhaling" "inhaling" "exhaling".... over and over again and I just found myself off-put by her tone. For my morning practice, I want a soft but energizing introduction to my day, and while the actual techniques she teaches are good, I just didn't enjoy the practice. I would also have loved some nice music in the background.
Amy N. - -
Great breathing exercise!
Ready for the 🌎
Tom C. - -
Great way to energize the spirit for the day! Amazed!
Sophie F. - -
Found it to be an excellent morning yoga