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very nice classes by sarah
Blaine M. - -
have liked all 4 I've now taken no problem at all with volume thank you!
Hara P. - -
I liked her energy and her instructions. Cues to the point. very good. no problem with the volume.
well rounded, not too intense
Kera D. - -
Sarah has good instructions and great energy. She focuses on actions and alignment in this class, so expect basic postures with decently long holds. She also leads us in a number of sun salutations, simple twists, and a few backbends. If you’re new to Level 2, this is a great option. If you’re looking for a big sweat and lots of cardio, this probably isn’t the right class.
great Start to the day
Lisa M. - -
Very nice well-rounded practice. Really enjoyed the instruction and it was very clear.
energizing- humbling-newness
Liseth S. - -
sweetly energizing and creative with the use of blocks in bridge. enjoy the breath in holding poses and eloquently articulated.
Grounding and Uplifting Sequence
Jamie T. - -
Sarah is a gifted teacher and this class serves as evidence of that. Full of great mind/body/spirit connections, strong and safe alignment and well-balanced sequencing. Love it!
Debbie H. - -
great class...and FYI i had NO problems with the volume.
Jody W. - -
Nice flow for all body parts and good instruction for level 2. I didn't have a problem with the volume.
Solid Daily Flow!
Monica W. - - (edited)
I am a bit biased as Sarah is one of my favorite yoga teachers and I love her classes, but this is a fantastic video for me when I can not make it to the studio. Yes, there was some intermittent volume issues, but for the majority of the flow I could hear just fine - even with my own music playing in the background :) Namaste
Good early day workout
Susan H. - -
In spite of a little volume problem ( thought it was my hearing) this is a really well-done slow flow working everything to get one started for the day; will look forward to returning to this ; thanks
Where is the volume!!??
Marissa H. - -
I really wish YogaWorks would review videos before making them available. I could only hear about 50% of this video, and that is with complete silence in my apartment (windows closed, fan off, etc.). I also question how and/or who levels these videos. This is definitely a Level 1 video. Fair easy morning routine, with some good reminders of pushing into the floor for extra work. But due to the volume, I will not be doing this again.