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Loved the focus on breath
Jung F. - -
Thank you for helping me get into my body and bringing awareness from the roof of my mouth to my ribs to my feet! Nicely paced class with great and different instruction - I was not used to thinking about the roof of my mouth in position to the rest of my body - and plenty of modifications.
Maggie C. - -
This class delivered exactly what it said. Just what I needed during this shelter-in-place in SF. Thank you so much!
Perfect class
Christine C. - -
I loved this class and apparently my kittens did as well! It is grounding and strengthening using some of my favorite poses. I love that every class offers us something new, whether it is using our feet (in a bigger shoe) or reminding us of our core. Thank you for this.
Kara R. - -
Beautiful opening, stretchy and surprisingly strong class with a fantastic teacher. This will be a regular "Go To" for me.
Slow and strong and opening and calming!
Nicole L. - -
What a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher. I really learned a lot from this class. Thank you so much!
Perfect Title
Julia P. - -
When I started this class I thought it was going to be too slow and easy. I stayed with it though and as I really paid attention to what she was saying I felt such a change in my body both physically and energetically. It was so grounding. I’m interested to experiment with doing this some time when I’m anxious because I wonder if I would be able to listen and take it in as clearly or if it would just seem slow.
Tiffany C. - -
This may be one of the better classes I have taken. It really found a unified spot in mind, body and spirit. Thank you
Video does not work
Alexis C. - -
Keeps skipping and restarting
Great as I recover from a cold
Heather S. - -
It offers an opportunity to stretch out every part of my body in some really delicious ways and get my heart rate up without having to breath too hard on days when I have a still-runny nose, but am ready to start moving again.
I feel Wonderful
Kevin G. - -
Thank you for this class Jillian! Sequence was beautiful and smart. I loved the kneeling lunge with one handed heart opener / back bend. That was new and amazing for my practice. I feel fantastic right now. Namaste.
Good morning flow
Lisa S. - -
I like a milder flow in the early morning. Jillian's flow was perfect for getting me ready for the day.
Adela W. - -
Terrific class. Super deep and releasing. Love the intention and adjustments made in the stretches throughout.
Accurate Title
Peter T. - -
Grounded me out just like I needed. Nothing overly complex, but you get what you give here. Stay mindful of the intention and this class is simple yet powerful. Thank you, ladies!
Anna K. - -
I don't understand why this class has so many likes. It was OK. I was expecting more of a flow class but the pace was much slower. Good if you're in the mood for a gentle class.
Annie L. - -
Interesting class. Felt like a level 1 to me though.
Relaxing + restorative with focus on the breath
Denmo I. - -
Good class but felt like there was too much feeling for the breath with the hands versus moving with the breath which seemed to break up the flow. Relaxing and restorative class. Thank you!
felt great!
Sharon S. - -
Really nice practice - well paced, great breathing, and clear intention. Felt great and very grounded in shavasana. Didn't want to come out of it. Thank you!
Natalie E. - -
Really easy to follow, listen and enjoy!
Made Me Feel Great
Sasha T. - -
Jillian's class made me feel lighter and more grounded. Although it wasn't central to the class, her instruction of how to balance the palate over the throat was completely enlightening for an effortless head and neck alignment. Thank you, Jillian, for a great yoga experience.
Ashley O. - -
LOVED the attention and focus on the breath in every pose and flow. thanks Jillian!!!! <3
Great class
Lisa Y. - -
I loved the class; I felt very calm and grounded afterwards. However, as a yoga teacher myself, I am not used to starting the opposite side in a sequence from a different pose. For example, stepping the right foot back into a lunge (from uttanasana) and going through that side's sequence, then stepping the right foot to the front from downward facing dog to balance out the other side in the same sequence. It is just a different way of teaching, and I like learning how other teachers teach and their styles.
delicious rooted radiant
Alystyre J. - -
My first class with JP, after hearing so many wonderful things previously. I love her use of language and pacing here. This theme works and aided my sacroiliac and hip!
Keelan M. - -
This is an awesome video! However, it's an hour - not 14 minutes!
MyYogaWorks - -
Thanks! We have a slight glitch that is preventing the times from showing up properly if the video is over an hour. We are working on fixing it!
Great class!
I feel great after your class. This seemed like a level 1 class to me though, as compared to the other videos on here.
stefanie z. - -
Loved this so much! I have gone through this sequence 3 times this week! Thank you for the grounding practice. Looking forward to more on here!
So much to love about this class
Bethanie P. - -
Jillian, thank you for sharing such a beautiful practice. Your cues are gorgeous and really help to fine tune where to be within a pose. You speak in a way that is precise, subtle, and ever so effective. I live 4+ hours from the closest YogaWorks studio and really enjoy these gems that you share on the MyYogaWorks site. It makes me feel like I am there with you while having this inspiring experience here at home on my mat!
Rhonda v. - -
Thank you. Jillian . This is a beautiful practice.. Love your restoration teaching. It is my goal in 2016 to attend your teacher training. Much love, Rhonda
A Unique Vocabulary
Lindsay C. - -
Jillian has a unique command of the architecture of the body (both as skeleton and as inner space) and combines this with one of the most precise and picturesque uses of adjectives to describe the various ways of letting go of parts of the body that we hold on to. ("jaw dripping," "tongue resting into the floor of the mouth," "ears sliding down the side of the body," that sort of thing). In this particular sequence the release is in visualized contrast to the strength of the feet and legs so that you're simultaneously growing more powerfully present, rooted, and physically strong while riding over the base with light, flowing ease. Strongly recommended.
Sonia G. - -
This was one of the best classes i've taken. Very different from what i'm used to. I'm looking forward to taking more of Jillian's classes.
Samantha H. - -
Loved it. Thank you.
More please
Rebecca P. - -
I LOVE the way your Buddhist view flavors your words. Best inner/outer class ever for me. I hope to see more intermediate classes from you here!
Ease of movement
Waukena C. - -
Thank you Julian for this class. I especially enjoyed the focus on breathing at what was comfortable for me. I recognize my need to balance better and stayed near a wall to get into some of the poses. I will be doing the class again and look forward to improving my positions. Thanks again.
Bernadette P. - -
Unconvdntional but truly wonderful! So happy to be able to practice with you online, Jillian! I love how you describe my feet and other parts of the body. I did stay in Savasana, for a very long time :)) Thank you!
Cheryl T. - -
I just came back from a 3 day R and R at Kripalu. i didn't want to lose the glow of that lovely experience and this practice was the perfect link back into my life. I love everything about Jillian's practices and am truly grateful for all she gives me through Yogalicious and these incredible on-line practices. Hope to join you for a retreat some day. With thanks and appreciation and love, Cheryl Thomson
Rachel B. - -
Beautiful, creative class. Thank you!
Kelly P. - -
Marcy H. - -
So happy to find you online Jillian. What a wonderful and peaceful flow. Thank you!
Cassy F. - -
The title is truly representative of what this practice did for me this morning! Jillian is one of those teachers that helps you intuit your way through the practice. Thank you!
Ramin D. - -
Love it!
Ana O. - -
Very nice class, slow and grounded!
Sarah K. - -
Loved the pacing!
Emily O. - -
Colette B. - -
Light workout with some really nice variations! Time just flew by.