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Great for post run day
Amanda Bialack - -
I was feeling tight and needed to stretch out all the body parts that yesterdays run had tightened. This hit the spot.
perfect after a hard workout
Amy Goeldner - -
great stretching sequence in the evening after a hard running workout, thank you! I wish the ending had a bit more relaxing poses, more hip openers, seemed to end too abruptly.
Jere Adams - -
Just what I needed today! I did 8 miles yesterday in my 1/2 marathon training. Stretches were great!
Elizabeth Bojanowski - -
wow...i have been dealing with an injury for 3 months now <<,so painful in my knee if i try to run :( but this tough stretching really helped! glad I came back to this class MORE PLEASE! I love your classes Calvin
Hillary Gibbs - -
i am currently managing pes ancerin bursitis... this video has been helpful in my pain management; finding pain relief and a sense of well being. I like the teacher's down to earth and knowledgable approach too. I will be looking for more his videos. thank you!
Stretch really needed for runners
Lu He - -
Wish you guys gave more series for runner! Love it!
Camilla Dorand - -
omg !Yummy OW!
Betsy Lluch - -
tough for a tight runner and cyclist like me , but awesome stretches we all need thanks
toughy- but good
Stephanie Majeran - -
good class, but definitely a toughy!
Hurts so good...
Brooke Smith - -
My legs feel better already. This one is awesome!
stephanie risher - -
really a great help for pulled hamstring muscle. thx!
Patricia Tousignant - -
Loved the streches in this video they are so yummy for the muscles
Jana Bozeman
Jana Bozeman - -
This was just what the doctor ordered post run Calvin! I miss being in your least I can still have you in my living room! :)
Bridget Reynolds - -
wow, that was awesome. I have very tight hamstrings and the stretches were very helpful
Hamstring injury is helped
Maggie Lang - -
I have a brutal hamstring & psoas injury from the splits a few months ago and this class hit all those tight muscles I needed to open this area up again. Cant wait to do this again! Thanks!
Dorothy Weiss - -
Awesome! Class took my tight hips to a whole new level - very nice, and thank u!!!
Stacey Adams - -
That was REVOLUTIONARY!! :) Thank you!
Nancy Sheehan - -
Is day 1 and 3 the same and day 2 and 4 - I think so, suprised me!
Kristi Carnahan - -
Im a powerlifter who decided to really dedicate myself to a yoga practice around a year ago. I have leg strength, but am so tight from the years of heavy lifting with focus on specific muscles. I couldnt make it all the way through this today (my first attempt!), but thats my goal to work towards. This felt incredibly good, working so many of the seemingly hard to stretch muscles and tendons in the posterior leg. I am looking forward to making this series part of my regular weekly yoga rotation. Thank you, Calvin!
Marjorie Riggle - -
That felt incredibly good--thank you!