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just what I needed
gillian desjardins - -
i was looking for something to help my tight muscles after two weeks of solid spinning, and this is JUST THE TICKET. I will be coming back to this often. You should tag this bike, bicycle, cycle...I couldn't find it until I searched for "running" but this is great for any post-workout recovery;
savasana silence?
Nikki Troehler - -
I wish there could be not so much chatter in savasana :( it really ruins it for me to get up from sav to turn off the video.
Casey Rubin - -
Great instructor, she keeps it light and has her personalized way of describing body mechanics. Nice class to take to unwind after a long day, hard workout or sitting for an extended period. Thank you.
Not Great
Sareena Manning - -
This felt like beginner's stretching, not intermediate as described. Stretches were quite basic. Also, Jesse did not stop talking the entire 37 minutes and her voice is annoying and loud
Great even if you aren't a runner
Julia Parker - -
I'm not a runner but have been having trouble with how tight my hamstrings and calves are lately. This was the perfect thing for them.
Great stretch!
Michelle Sanchez - -
I admitingly don't stretch as much as I should. I have been feeling really tight in my legs from running. I tried this and it gave me so much relief! Calves, Achilles, jammies, and quads were all targeted. Moves weren't strenuous either. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. I'll be doing this one more often. My muscles will thank me for it.
Great lower body stretch - powerful savasana
George Linzer - -
This class really worked my hams and hips, and the savasana was long and productive. Thank you, Jesse.
Jennifer Goodell - -
This is the best video from the Yoga for Runners journey. Jesse gives great verbal instruction, especially in transitions and any adjustments you need to make to get the most out of each pose.
great post hike sequence!
grazia piras - -
loved it, very balanced and enjoyable
Elisabeth McAvoy - -
Amazing class. Wonderful sequence and instruction. Especially appreciated the generous savasana. I've been sore from a few long runs this week -- and this was a perfect antidote. Will return to this one over and over again, I'm sure!
Perfect Post race
Lindsey Giles - -
Just did a half marathon this weekend and this was the perfect practice for relieving some post racing soreness.
Kelly Boncodin - -
Felt great after a 6 mile run!
adriana Cantu - -
Love to do this right after running...and great shavasana!! One of the bests,, thank you!!
Stephanie Foutz - -
One of my favorites. I feel like this really helps open up all those tight, squeaky spots that happen when I run. Thank you for this.
Lee Norman - -
Really great stretches -- thank you!
Karla Mitre - -
This was the best savasana EVER.. I LOVED it. Also great legs stretch. Thank you Jesse.
Dorothy Weiss - -
Wonderful, thank u! And yes great savasana.
Bending my running in the right direction
Kimberly McCoy - -
So thankful for this series. Great savasana here and also to remember to move kindly, gently. I just may have to incorporate that thought into my actual runs. Kindly, gently running. Great class. thankyou.
C C - -
Thank you.. This was wonderful. I especially appreciated the complete savasana and the visualizations.