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One of the best classes on My Yoga Works!
Nadine Z. - -
This class and the entire chakra series taught by Mia are just perfect. Thank you!
Kim W. - -
This class is absolutely amazing. It hits the spiritual and physical facets perfectly. Great stretch and strengthening, and I feel more emotionally grounded. Thank you for sharing this with us, Mia.
Theresa M. - -
This is a good stretching and strengthening workout. Be prepared for no silence, and the sabasana is just a few seconds.
Lisa D. - -
Woke up this morning and put on an orange dress. Then when I was looking for a class, found sacral chakra-seemed meant to be. Just what my hips and lower back needed,
This is my favorite...
Stacy S. - -
I keep coming back to this class when I want to feel grounded and centered ... open up my hips... and feel calm and restored. Especially on this Mother’s Day it was the perfect way to start my day. Thank you Mia!
Natasha D. - -
Practice Makes perfect
Hunter W. - -
I have tried this one twice and I struggle making it all the way through. I will keep doing it until I can make it through the whole video. My sacral chakra seems to have a lot of resisitance. It feels awesome though, even if I can only do half the video right now.
Tom B. - -
Thanks, Mia! Chakra flows so excellent. L A misses you.
The video keeps skipping over and over again - needs maintenance by YogaWorks
Alexis C. - -
Video keeps skipping over and over again - does not work
Christie D. - -
I love it when a practice is deep yet relaxed! Lovely inspirational coaching too. Thank you.
miss you
carrie n. - -
this was just what i needed this am after sitting on a long flight yesterday!
Loving this series
Adrianne R. - -
This has been a wonderful flow for me. I have been shaken up by some life stuff lately- and this has been so grounding. Thanks Mia
Thank You Mia!
Camilla D. - -
Mia, thank you so much for the second chakra class! As you said would happen, things did surface and for the first time in months I understood what was really happening and also able to communicate with my husband! I feel like I have shed 100 pounds off my back! Thank You! I highly recommend this series!!
A great class for letting go
Erin O. - -
This was a challenging class and I really appreciate the reminders to skip the vinyasas and go straight to down dog. I often become rushed and forget to take a break which of course leads to injuries. It is amazing how much different I feel after opening the hips and letting go of old feelings. Thank you!
Samantha J. - -
Awesome and intense class that really helped to open my hips. Thank you Mia!
Chakra series are awesome!!
D K. - -
Mia's classes are awesome! I usually find online yoga not as good but this definitely is as good if not better! We don't have yoga works in australia so v happy with the subscription :-)
Sacral Flow
Alystyre J. - -
Happy Hips
Sierra G. - -
What a beautiful class, amazing instruction from Mia. This was my first class from her, Ill be sure to go back and do the chakras from root to crown! Im feeling inspired! I hope this series sticks around for a while!
farideh e. - -
Feeling supported
michele m. - -
You are an AMAZING teacher! What a wonderful class. I hope this chakra series is kept up on the site for a long time. Thank you!!
Easy peaceful
anisha b. - -
Another relaxed yet insightful class from Mia. Really nice,
Love Mia!
Huba K. - -
Thorough practice with plenty of modifications allowing you to gauge the difficulty to your own level. Besides the usual Surya As and Bs Mia will guide you through some of the more unusual poses like Horse Stance and Lizard which felt great in my body!
Hip Opener
Laura M. - -
Great workout. Thanks!
Kathryn G. - -
Great Workout...thank you!
sacral chakra flow
farideh e. - -
Fantastic great thanx Mia
Holy Hips!
Shannon B. - -
Loved it. I love her energy and teaching style. Holding the poses was a challenge.
juicy hip openers
Elizabeth J. - -
Deep and satisfying with great balance between flow and deep holding of poses.