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Whitney W. - -
Really nice sequence. Focused mostly on lower body.
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Whitney, Thank you for your feedback....and yes, mostly on lower body for sure. Namaste, B
Nice sequence
Ruriko K. - -
I teach meditation at yoga studio. This lesson will help both meditation and the other kind of my lesson. Thank you!
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Ruriko, You are so welcome. Namaste, Birgitte
Nice but...
Laura W. - -
Way too much talking! Hard to relax when there is near-constant narration.
Christina D. - -
Jalon F. - -
thank you - that was really lovely and just right.
Delightful Evening Practice
brenda l. - -
I've been in a lot of pain this week due t travel and overwork. I love the wall modifications for these seemingly simple poses, wow - what a difference. Very great intro before meditation too.
Trish G. - -
Very nice--thank you
Help for Meditation
Christina P. - -
My favorite take-away is the meditation with the back against the wall. I find my mind wanders a lot when I am trying to meditate, and the grounding energy of having the back body against the wall was very helpful in focusing my mind. Namaste.
Patty W. - -
This class was great. Just what I needed after a busy day.
Day 7
Mai T. - -
:) nice for the end of the week
Rhiann E. - -
Perfect class for me today. This challenge seems to read my mind.
just what I needed
jennifer m. - -
Perfect class for today. I started out tight from an intense hike yesterday and now feel so much better.
Thank You!
Liisa L. - -
Great restorative practise. Very calming and grounding.
Winding Down
Nichole G. - -
Great class to wind down after a long day or take a break to prep for more day.
Loved it!
Mara S. - -
Thank you so much for this practice! Im feeling so much better! My favorite pose was the adductor stretch at the wall, effective yet gentle.
Wow first restorative practice for me
Mary P. - -
I really enjoyed this video, calmed me down and helped me to release some tightness from my body
What a Gift!
Meaghan Q. - -
This was such a wonderful treat for my body and mind. Thank you!!
Carrie R. - -
Birgitte is wonderful. Very wise. This is a most helpful video. Thank you!
Release and Refresh
Catherine H. - -
This is such a great respite from a busy life! Thanks Birgitte!
Patty H. - -
Restorative Poses 36 min