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Sharly Hunter - -
this is my daily program and gives me huge relief!thank you
Thanks, more please
Cathy Raines - -
Thank you, Dani. How anout feet and ankles?
Spinal Stenosis
Heather Davis - -
My sciatica is a result of the narrowing of the spine. This practice helps to decompress and expand the area where the nerve exits the spine. Dani's instructions are clear and very helpful in aligning the pose to create expansion without pain. Thanks!
My hips and lower back say thank you
Lisa Trusty - -
I needed this today. Loved the instructor's calming voice.
Aksana Leonova - -
Danny gives really detailed instructions. All the micro-alignments make a big difference, and help to relieve the sciatica pain.
Caution. Know why you have sciatica.
Mary Jean Byrne-Maisto - -
Sciatica is a nerve that exits from L5 and creates a particular pattern of pain in the low back, buttocks, upper and lower legs. If it is caused from a disc problem, bulging or herniated, stretching on that nerve or pushing more into the bulging disc will aggravate it. If the pain you feel is from tight bound down tissue that is pulling or adhered to nerves, or contracted from NOT being stretched, then gentle stretching is the exact answer. So it is important to know the source of your sciatica or you risk making a disc problem worse with long straight leg hamstring stretches and forward folds with spine flexed. If you don't stand up feeling better after this practice, then stretching your lower back and hips is not the antidote for your pain.
nice relief
Julie Ryder - -
After several challenging hip classes this little break was a great relief!
Jill Cunningham - -
Really helped my sciatica pain! A I was able to do more by the second class!
Stacy Krotine - -
Love you, Dani! xo