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Not what expected
Arlyn B. - -
Being unfamiliar with sculpt works; wasn’t sure what to expect. To me it was like Pilates which I hadn’t done in a long time; this was a great way to get back to it. However still craving a little yoga!
Great class
Ryan O. - - (edited)
I read the other comments before starting this class and admittedly assumed the worst. But the class was actually great... I really enjoyed her ongoing instruction since her voice is really pleasant and calming. The class focused heavily on posture and form but I still broke a sweat.
Elizabeth M. - -
Great core workout. Small, intense movements to engage entire core. Great to balance my other yoga classes and runs.
Good core work
Pilar R. - -
Great quick workout but a little too much talking. Took away a bit from being able to focus on my body.
fast and hard but doable
Valentina C. - -
For someone who has been slacking on my yoga, this felt a little too fast to build strength on some of the poses that have always been a challenge for me: plank, having an arm and a leg in the air simultaneously, etc. i like the way she connected the breathe to the movement an emphasized the stretching. Will definitely keep using this one for strength and core together.
Very helpful
Anita B. - -
In a busy, hurried world, a slightly slower but deliberate pace that leaves you feeling strong and challenged feels great!
Alexandra L. - -
Deliberate pace and excellent selection of exercises with well cued corrections. Thank you!
Loved it
Shivani B. - -
Mix of easy and hard poses...time flew and is a great workout to build upper body and core strength
Diana D. - -
This is a great core workout.
Jessica T. - -
Very good workout. Would appreciate more consistent direction on breath -- seemed inconsistent as to what parts of each movement should be on exhale vs. inhale.
Sculptors with Maeve
Good core workout.
Shari E. - -
JJ S. - -
Slow moving