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Great morning class
Yana W. - -
I find that I can only do very slow flows in the morning. This was perfect!
The class I didn’t know I needed
Becky D. - - (edited)
I tend to be drawn to strong power yoga classes, but this is the perfect counterbalance! Greatly needed this and plan on incorporating it into my week. Also: I usually do level 2, so while this is a great wind-down/stretchy class for level 2, it might be a bit challenging for level 1.
Would love more classes like this
Laura S. - -
I felt very connected to my breath and body in this sensually moving class. Would love to see more classes like this!
so good
Julie H. - -
Beautiful fluid class that released a lot of tension in just 20 minutes. I do think it is correctly labelled as Level 1
Not really for level 1?
Alexis W. - -
This was very hard on my joints -- significantly more difficult than the other level 1 videos I've tried.
Reduce Stress!
Sarah W. - -
After a really stressful morning, I did this class over my lunch break. Amazing way to reset my day.
Helene L. - -
A nice series of stretches, with a friendly instructor. Great for winding down or for people recovering from injuries, with a deliberate pace and alignment cues.
great end of day stretch
Dina F. - -
Felt needed and was perfect after a full day of travel. Loved it for evening!
Elizabeth G. - -
Nice gentle practice on a tired morning. Definitely want to try this at the end of a day too. Good alignment queues, nice attention to the spine and hips.
Loved it!
kaleigh b. - -
This was so unique and felt so natural to move my body in this way. I will revisit this one quite a bit. Feel like I got more benefit in 20 mins then I get from a lot of 1 hr classes. Thanks!!
Way to Start my Day
judy b. - -
I am stiff in the mornings from running around at work previous day. The class provides the best remedy to get back up and go for yet another day. thank you so much, it's a life saver...
Good except for...
Natalia U. - -
Could you please suggest options for less flexible of us? And the very low sound and soft voice make it hard to hear what the teacher says (although my laptop sound was on max, I barely could hear while doing the poses)
Better than a bubble bath
Lindsay B. - -
This was perfect to unwind and stretch after a work day. Really enjoyed rabbit pose. Also good if you're not feeling 100%. I am getting over a cold and this is exactly what I needed.
Part of my daily routine
judy b. - -
This is such an excellent class in so many ways. Great way to wake up, great way to wind down, great way to stretch, great way to calm my jitters . I do this class everyday....
Great way to start the day
Wendy P. - -
I woke feeling a bit stiff in the hips and not quite awake in general. This slow and short practice was perfect! I loved the hip openers and the slow moving poses.
Love Rabbit Pose
Gina V. - -
Great class, needed some new stuff. PS- love your pants Caley.
Nice Class But Needed More Modifications
Cat B. - -
I look forward to doing this class again, but as a beginner, I would have liked to have seen more modifications shown. There are two "students" doing the movements - one should be doing modifications for beginners or those returning to practice from a long break.
Carol S. - -
sweet practice. Namaste!
Great slow class!
Sharon S. - -
I agree with the other comment that this class is perfect to wind down or wake up slowly - it felt super awesome after a long day at work, will definitely be doing it again!
Kourtni K. - -
That was EXACTLY what I needed!
Rachel B. - -
i really liked this practice. It felt good to release a lot of the tension from the day. Definitely worked up a sweat. Not sure if it is for newbies though.
Haylie C. - -
Enjoyed todays class!
Lauren M. - -
I could not complete this class. I am recovering from surgery so unfortunately it was too demanding. I am not sure it was really for new newbies(I am not one but cannot do the work yet).
Mercedes C. - -
This class was soooo good! I enjoyed it a lot!
Kelly S. - -
Loved this class! The instruction was great and really enjoyed the light and playful mood to the session. Would love to see more classes like this - having fun with movement.
One suggestion
Lori G. - -
Need to have more adaptations for those that are less flexible.
Katrina A. - -
I've done almost all the series here since I'm a SAHM now with a 16 month old. This was an amazing hip opener for me. They're always hurting and this was just fabulous. Can't wait to do more of her videos!
Laura J. - -
Very low key. Great wind down class or slow wake up class. There are some unique poses those new to yoga may not expect, but they are well done in sequencing, and very effective.
Perfect at night
Bruce A. - -
Great for opening up the hip flexors. Love the hip circles
Excellent class!
Nadia L. - -
I have super tigh hamstrings and hips because of my demanding serving job and love for running, and this is just what I needed to release some key pressure points! I lived the circular stretches! Also, Caley is a great instructor. Thank you!
perfect today
Martina C. - -
This was so perfect coming back after being sick for a week, thank you! /Martina
Sweet and freeing
Ikonia u. - -
Thank you this class was fluid and had a great flow, I feel more free in my body and with a light positive, serene mind.
Great except for...
Anne P. - -
That one pose where you reach back for your foot. Couldn't you have suggested an option for the less flexible among us?
Great except for...
Anne P. - -
That one pose where you reach back for your foot. Couldn't you have suggested an option for the less flexible among us?
Great except for...
Anne P. - -
That one pose where you reach back for your foot. Couldn't you have suggested an option for the less flexible among us?
Exactly what I Needed
Michelle B. - -
A Self-Care ESSENTIAL. Funny, how it can be so much easier to oush myself through a fast, flowing class but so hard to take the time to slow down and reakly enjoy moving in my body. This class helped me slow down and enjoy. Every pose was exactly what i needed this morning. Thank you, Caley