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Barbara F. - -
It's so good to do a virtual class while we stay home in these crazy times. It makes me miss your class a little less. Thank you, Heather! Barbara F.
Wonderful stretching flow
Tom B. - -
Namaste, Heather! Awesome.
Love This!
Michelle S. - - (edited)
Heather always brings it. This is a perfect hip opener & gentle heart opener sequence for any level. Calming, cooling, & soothing. Recommend this for anyone, especially those who want to ease their way out of a seat-based work day. Thank you, Heather!
Susan H. - -
This was perfect to stretch me out but not tire me out prior to martial arts class. Thank you!
Alison T. - -
Nice relaxing beginner class but too slow and basic for Level 2!
Gentle yet profound.
Barbara G. - -
I'm extremely grateful to have Heather as an online instructor. Thank you for a lovely unwinding for my hips. I'll be coming back to this and her other classes again and again.
Level 1?
Anthony D. - -
Beautifully taught, simple yet effective for a good gentle stretch, twist and general release. Perhaps more suited as a level 1 session due to basic poses and slow pace.
Kristen K. - -
Exactly what I needed. Thank you.
Paola D. - -
Great class Heather!
Lyndsey H. - -
Your gentle for post airplane
Melissa W. - -
Really nice sequencing with focuses on hamstring, calf, hips and twisting. Mellow and thorough.
carol d. - -
Perfect class. Love the pace and instruction.
Really cleansing
Nadine B. - -
Thank you.
Trish D. - -
Loved loved loved this! I would love more of this type of practice. Slower really does work our bodies but in a softer way. I think it is much better than all of those fast moving practices.
Brooke N. - -
Good stretching sequence but I would have preferred a little less talking so that the holds in poses could be felt in more of a quiet space.
Robyn L. - -
I loved this after a long day, just like the description says. Heather had great clear instructions, and I realized i was holding a lot of tension in my hips. putting more weight in my hands while opening the hips was a huge light bulb "a ha!" moment!! I'm feeling great. Thank you!
calming but too slow
Betsy L. - -
should be labeled level 1 it was nice , but really slow and gentle, with a little too much talk
linda s. - -
Slow, calm and gentle.
Jessica R. - -
This was my first practice with Heather and I really enjoy it. She has a very calming voice and she spoke some great things about letting go and trusting what your body is feeling today. This is a great practice to calm to at the end of the day, or to shake some of those cob webs off in the morning. Thank you Heather =D
Great for when feeling overwhelmed or sore
Carolina R. - -
LOVED this session. Thank you Heather! I loved and appriciated your humor and truthfulness about ourselves and what to expect from our body. I´ll be saving this and practing to it again in the future.