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Theresa M. - - (edited)
This is a very nice slow sequence, ideal for when you have soreness that you\'re being careful not to exaggerate. I agree that there\'s far too much talking. I don\'t want to presume that I speak for everyone, though I do think there\'s a significant contingent who reacts the same way I do, so I\'ll phrase this in the first person singular. What I\'d like to say to most of the instructors on this site is this: please remember that I\'m not approaching these practices like I come to a lecture, where I want to learn as much information as possible. A little teaching is fine, but I\'m here because I don\'t want to lead my own practice, I want somebody else to do it. I want to use the videos repeatedly, and hearing the same detailed explanation over and over again inhibits focus. A yoga video isn\'t like a television talk show, where dead time is anathema. Please don\'t be afraid of silence in the practice. And I don't know why the site just added a backslash before every apostrophe.
Marjorie W. - -
Nice slow stretching jbut not a level 2
Peaceful. centering, grounding
Cynthia E. - -
Thank you for your abiding wisdom, Heather! i am so blessed to have you class on line at this time! Nameste, Cynthia
Great for hamstrings and hips; definitely level 1
Julie T. - - (edited)
This is definitely a level 1 class – not because it's a gentle stretching sequence, but due to the over-instruction of the teacher and the basic nature of all the poses (all of which are seated). At one point the instructor even took several seconds to describe how to sit down from a modified yoga squat onto your butt...which is when I realized these instructions are meant for a novice yogi. I found it to be too distracting to fully relax. Note that the sequence is almost all hips and hammies, with slight attention to twists and even less attention to shoulders and back.
Barbara F. - -
It's so good to do a virtual class while we stay home in these crazy times. It makes me miss your class a little less. Thank you, Heather! Barbara F.
Wonderful stretching flow
Tom B. - -
Namaste, Heather! Awesome.
Love This!
Michelle S. - - (edited)
Heather always brings it. This is a perfect hip opener & gentle heart opener sequence for any level. Calming, cooling, & soothing. Recommend this for anyone, especially those who want to ease their way out of a seat-based work day. Thank you, Heather!
Susan H. - -
This was perfect to stretch me out but not tire me out prior to martial arts class. Thank you!
Alison T. - -
Nice relaxing beginner class but too slow and basic for Level 2!
Gentle yet profound.
Barbara G. - -
I'm extremely grateful to have Heather as an online instructor. Thank you for a lovely unwinding for my hips. I'll be coming back to this and her other classes again and again.
Level 1?
Anthony D. - -
Beautifully taught, simple yet effective for a good gentle stretch, twist and general release. Perhaps more suited as a level 1 session due to basic poses and slow pace.
Kristen K. - -
Exactly what I needed. Thank you.
Paola D. - -
Great class Heather!
Lyndsey H. - -
Your gentle for post airplane
Melissa W. - -
Really nice sequencing with focuses on hamstring, calf, hips and twisting. Mellow and thorough.
carol d. - -
Perfect class. Love the pace and instruction.
Really cleansing
Nadine B. - -
Thank you.
Trish D. - -
Loved loved loved this! I would love more of this type of practice. Slower really does work our bodies but in a softer way. I think it is much better than all of those fast moving practices.
Brooke N. - -
Good stretching sequence but I would have preferred a little less talking so that the holds in poses could be felt in more of a quiet space.
Robyn L. - -
I loved this after a long day, just like the description says. Heather had great clear instructions, and I realized i was holding a lot of tension in my hips. putting more weight in my hands while opening the hips was a huge light bulb "a ha!" moment!! I'm feeling great. Thank you!
calming but too slow
Betsy L. - -
should be labeled level 1 it was nice , but really slow and gentle, with a little too much talk
linda s. - -
Slow, calm and gentle.
Jessica R. - -
This was my first practice with Heather and I really enjoy it. She has a very calming voice and she spoke some great things about letting go and trusting what your body is feeling today. This is a great practice to calm to at the end of the day, or to shake some of those cob webs off in the morning. Thank you Heather =D
Great for when feeling overwhelmed or sore
Carolina R. - -
LOVED this session. Thank you Heather! I loved and appriciated your humor and truthfulness about ourselves and what to expect from our body. I´ll be saving this and practing to it again in the future.