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Amy Shanley - -
This was my first Yoga Works class. I am looking to open and strengthen my shoulders, and this is exactly what I needed. I do classes locally and have done most of these poses, but in a large class it's difficult to modify as needed when you don't know what's coming. I think this particular class will be come a daily ritual for me.
Denise Glass - -
Thank you so much. My shoulders really needed this class. After the first pose, I already felt relief from it popping.
Not a level 1 class
Kerima Furniss - -
Many of us have shoulder issues. This is not for the beginner even with the modifications it does not warm you up. If you have shoulder issues, go slower than this class.
Just what I Needed
Angela Pyka - -
After a crazy few days at work my shoulders felt like they were in my ears...this was a great release and quick so I can get in a quick practice before making dinner!
Julie 8140609 - -
This really opened my shoulders! Thanks Melanie!
shoulder flow
Linda Cannon - -
thanks for helping my head-neck-shoulder ache!
Jennifer Kuroiwa - -
Decent shoulder exercises. However, the 1st half of this video is practically the same sequence used in the Efficient Hip & Hamstring Flow which I just did before this video. So I kept skipping parts because I had literally just done them.