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Jolene K. - -
Love this set of shoulder exercises. It’s similar to home physical therapy exercises I’ve been doing for my shoulder but I find it more effective. Thank you!
Charlene L. - -
This has helped my stabilize my shoulder joints! Thank you!
Jen S. - -
I definitely need to strengthen my shoulder girdle and this video is exactly what I need. Great way to warm up before doing pushups or a vinyasa flow.
Gets at the right stuff
Sarah B. - -
I have very loose ligaments and need to strengthen my shoulder girdle without letting the bigger muscles take over. This is an excellent tool for that!
So Great
Karin H. - -
I am shoulder-stupid. If I can use the wrong muscles, I will. This is great to awaken the muscles I need to use. I notice a HUGE difference in my shoulders if I do this practice or not. It keeps me from getting injured.
Deceptively challenging
Colette M. - -
Love it! About half way through I’m feeling it! Love all the instruction and tips on keeping correct alignment
Confusing if not looking
Sherri B. - -
A lot of the moves were not explained well and I had to keep looking back at my computer to see what she was talking about.
Laura J. - -
This has become one of my go to videos. It's a great prehab style video if you're an athlete - and, of course, a must for yogis.
Quick and effective
Colleen V. - -
Reminds me of movements in barre class. Really good. Will Holly Jean have more videos?
Shana G. - -