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Marcelle M. - -
I loved all of the deep side body stretches incorporated into Tim's class, just what I needed to release after my body was tightly wound up from the weekend. Good amount of chaturangas if you take them all, and nice overall flow. Not much core work however but I was happy about that! ;)
Very Doable
Sheila S. - -
This class has the right pace to make it very doable. Not easy but accessible. I will do this class again as I like how I feel very open. Thanks for the great offering. Love this class.
Betty K. - -
Very good class. Very challenging. Great instructions and very encouraging. Will practice again.
Annie L. - -
Calm, yet challenging practice. I broke a sweat. I love Tim's classes. Thank you.
M. W. - -
I love when a level three class really focuses on alignment and not speed. This is a very difficult class without an extremely rigorous pace. Thank you - I love it!
Sydni A. - -
Normally, when I see the word "core" in a title, I avoid the class because I expect it will feel like I'm going to the gym. However, I had never taken a class with Tim, and I wasn't disappointed! The slow, steady, yet challenging pace was beautiful and offered lots of time for strength and stretch. Thank you for a wonderful practice!
Maria L. - -
Tim is a phenomenal teacher who gives detailed directions while maintaining a good pace.
Eva S. - -
Very balanced practice. Cues are great, pace is on point, challenging. New favorite teacher.
Gentle cues, Challenging series
Anne K. - -
Tim has a wonderfully calm voice and manner as he walks us through some challenging side body and core work. Thank you for this gift, Tim!
peter s. - -
missing part?
Darcy H. - -
Am I crazy or does he bring up handstand and then completely skip it? He says "set it up at the wall" and then there is dolphin happening.
Alice M. - -
Lol.. you aren’t crazy! I even moved my mat against the wall then he skipped it! 🤣
Anna S. - -
This class offers a good mix of strength and calm. I liked the direction to open the shoulders throughout the practice.
Lovely sweat!
Myra D. - -
Tim, your cues are great, just what I need. But even more, I loved the pauses in between sequences. Thank you for sharing your passion. On a hot day this class made me sweat wonderfully.
Sita W. - -
This class is perfect for side body, it opens open the mind and gives the side body openness and a great deep stretch that it needs. Sweet Tim, thank you!
Kristen K. - -
A challenging class that I look forward to re-visiting. Great cues and explanations of how my body should be feeling in different poses and postures. Nicely done!
Change is good!
Jana B. - -
I'm a creature of habit, and I always stick to the teachers I practiced with when I lived in Santa Monica. I decided to mix it up today and I'm so glad I did! Tim is fantastic and created a fun and challenging sequence that was paced perfectly. Though incredibly knowledgeable, Tim's laid back vibe has left me feeling both worked out and chilled out at the end of class. Thank you!!!
Brenda H. - -
Prepare to sweat! There is a nice balance of strengthening and stretching in this practice -- delightful sequencing.
enjoyed it
Patrizia M. - -
My first experience taking Tim's class and really enjoyed it. I loved the pacing and the guidance. I found Tim has a very centering, grounding yet uplifting presence helps with the challenges presented by the poses.
Side body and core
farideh e. - -
Excellent excellent excellent?? super hard and fantastic
Heather C. - -
I really enjoyed the cuing in this class. It helped me get to new places in some poses. Thank you Tim!