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Side Body for Dancers
Amanda M. - -
as a classically trained ballet dancer, this class calls to how my body was trained to move. it offers stretches that my body knows well, and adds strengthening on top. I did not know the name side body before, but now that I have experienced it isolated in this class, it is my new number one favorite. also very good for those underestimated IT bands, which athletes rely upon often. I will return to this class. thank you, Vytas!
The Title Delivers
Sara C. - -
Side body flow is RIGHT. Ooh lala. That was a deliciously focused sequence with nothing superfluous. Never has that variation of janu sirsasana felt SO GOOD. Perfect ending to wind down this sophisticated flow!
Simon H. - -
After a week of lockdown, working from home, this is the PERFECT class to close of the work day and stretch it all out.
Excellent class
Tatiana C. - -
Great instruction and pacing. Well rounded practice with focus on sides. Thanks for an excellent class! Will be coming back to this one.
so good
Mary C. - -
Feeling this everywhere: sides, shoulders, legs. Really great practice
Amanda B. - -
I practiced with you for a decade on Main Street in SaMo. This is one of your best classes I have ever taken. It also may be my favorite yoga class of all time. People, if you're reading this, go deep. You'll be super pleased with how you feel.
More like a well paced level 2
Ashley M. - -
Nice practice, but not too many advanced/challenging asanas for a level 3 in my opinion.
Sides are strong!
Grace B. - -
Awesome side body flow! I’m feeling it already :-)
The subtle movements make you the strongest
Brooklyn G. - -
Very good direction, feeing extra tall through my midsection. My low back is happy and supported by my core. Thanks for a great class!
Sheila S. - -
This class was just the right amount of everything. The holds were long but not too long. The pace was slow but not too slow. The strength was hard but not too hard.
Exactly what I needed!
Amy S. - -
This was so perfect for me today. Perfect pace to gain focus and calm my scattered brain, great balance of strength and flexibility for my body. Thank you!
loving the side body flow
Bridget T. - -
my side body and core feels strengthened and stretched. There's also plenty of other poses to make this a well-rounded, full length yoga practice. Vytas is awesome and this is a great class.
Sydni A. - -
Great class for a slow-moving day. Gentle pace with lots of focus on strength and stretching, but still challenging enough to build some heat.
Great class
Melanie T. - -
My group of yoga friends have been practicing power vinyasa flows for years and this class is a favourite with all of us. I love Vytas's style of teaching. Will definitely do this one again.
Favorite class
Susanne A. - -
This class is still one of my favorite classes I come back to again and again.
great clss
Patrizia M. - -
I really enjoyed this practice fully. I particularly loved the pace which allowed me to breathe into ares that normally don't get as much attention. Only problem I had was the volume. I had to close all my windows and still had trouble hearing Vytas. I had to look up many times and get out of alignment.
Nicely done
Candyce t. - -
Love this class, very relaxing but yet really works and stretch all intended muscles to their extreme.
Loved it
Melissa M. - -
The pace was great. I'm really slow now since I have two painful disc herniation and this class helped tremendously. Thank you
Great class!
Debbie A. - -
I thought the class was challenging and well explained but I had trouble hearing the instructor. Maybe it was my iPad - I had the volume turned all the way up too.
Margaret E. - -
Great pace, clear explanations, I love your classes!
Harder than I thought
maggie m. - -
As a triathlete-in-training, I was reluctant to add yoga in to the mix. BUT, this was great for core strength which will help with swimming, and overall flexibility! Thanks man.
Rebecca B. - -
Intelligent and challenging! I love your cuing, it is so specific for each pose, it really allows deeper exploration into the poses. Thank you!
Challenging and well-paced!
Anne K. - -
Great workout for the side body and core. Well-constructed class, too. Thank you for the mindful pacing and extra challenges. Will be back for more of this!
Sunshine B. - -
Women don't have "junk". FYI.
Cindy b. - -
Enjoyed the class and really got a good work out on my sides. But at the end doing final stretches did he really refer to your crotch as your JUNK?
natalie d. - -
Fantastic class, invigorating as well as relaxing, even broke a sweat which was a bonus, great class keep them coming!
Great class! And these are women...
Rachel B. - -
I loved this sequence. I felt challenged and safe in the practice. Thank you! However, I was distracted by the instructor calling the demonstrators "girls" when they are clearly mature and accomplished adult women. I'm sure you meant no harm and you demonstrated respect for them in the way you taught, but to me it can feel infantilizing and disempowering to hear this term used repeatedly.
Susanne A. - -
One of the best classes I have ever taken. My body is vibrating!
Dorothy W. - -
Wow-great class! Thank u! And yes ur voice is extremely motivating :-)
Joanna B. - -
Great class. Challenging, yet a very mindful and comfortable pace. Thank you.
Leigh R. - -
Challenging and rewarding. Enjoyed this class and will definitely be adding it to my practice more often. Thank you!
Isabelle M. - -
wow! such a good class! I love the instructor (and his deep voice!)
Deniz E. - -
great class! really enjoyed the stretching and the strengthening and felt like I had really worked hard by the end of the class...thank you!
Side body flow
farideh e. - -
Absolutely fantastic .
Rebecca R. - -
That was a great class. I broke a sweat and was definitely challenged. The poses themselves werent too difficult, but the long holds were! Great instructor!
Kristen K. - -
Wow! Really enjoyed that class and Vytas! Thank you!
Marjorie R. - -
That was a VERY good class.
Well Rounded Class!
Jessica R. - -
This was a nice, long well-rounded class. Great stretches, but also builds a lot of heat in the middle. I really liked this instructor!