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Katie R. - -
I usually do Level 2 classes but wanted something a bit slower today. This class was perfect. I still got a good overall workout but feel serene now rather than exhausted.
One of my favorite classes
Emily B. - -
Wonderful pacing and cues throughout the entire class. Always end feeling a little more confident in my ability to take care of my body. Many thanks!
Great Basics All Levels
joanne r. - -
This a wonderful and thorough class that lets you luxuriously take your time getting into and staying in the pose. Excellent and clear instruction. Thank you, Lori.
Important class for every Yogi
Macall K. - -
Really appreciated going back to the structural basics for each pose during this flow. Hard work. In bridge pose: I LOVED the comment about letting inner thighs drop down to the floor- it helped a ton! Very helpful instruction RE lower back/glutes (being mindful that they’re not super gripped/tense).
My Third YogaWorks Online Class!
Catherine A. - -
I've never been able to step my foot forward all the way from Downward Facing Dog. A new tip in this video got it a little further. Great instruction throughout.
Massie M. - -
Really clear and easy to follow. Thank you so much!!!
Serena P. - -
How nice to go back to level 1 and reconnect to slowing down and doing the poses mindfully, correct. Oh, do I feel good!
Beginner friendly, but still challenging!
Desirae G. - -
Like other commenters, I really love Melanie's helpful instruction and her gentle, kind voice. This felt like a balanced practice and I'd recommend it for beginners and those at an intermediate level--half moon poses are a challenge!
Sydney M. - -
I'm a runner and I'm diving into yoga to improve my flexibility and endurance. I loved this workout and I really love Melanie! I look for her classes because she is really good at explaining positions and encouraging my practice.
simple, not easy
Sarina R. - -
great class had problems with video freezing
The title says it all!
Jessica P. - -
I've been doing yoga for a while but still consider myself a beginner. This was a basic but strenuous class. I will be doing this one again! It truly was simple...but not easy!
Shannon L. - -
Beautiful practice -- lovely cues. Thank you.
Scott B. - -
Melanie is fantastic. Perfect pace and learned along the way. Will take the class again and recommend everyone try this class too!
Bo m. - -
Fabulous,great teaching technique. loved it!
Enhanced my studio practice
Lisa D. - -
This is my first online class and I must admit I was concerned about the lack of classroom energy. Instead I found the practice to be a perfect enhancement to my studio work. I learned some incredible techniques that I had not learned in class and I was also able to watch a few transitions that helped me 'see' the best form. I found that I worked every bit as hard as I do in the studio and again, I was able to continue my learning. An excellent practice. Thank you!!
Melissa A. - -
Terrific instruction!
Kerri K. - -
My first yoga with MyYogaWorks and I loved it! I've been yoga for only 2 months now & assumes this would be "easy", but the title held true! Simple, but not easy! I love Melanie's teaching and look forward to more of her videos!
Kelly P. - -
Basic yet completely fulfilling ~
Jayne W. - -
This was a great video whether your a beginner or more advanced. First time for me with Melanie and she is awesome. Great start to my day and week!
Victoria G. - -
Wow. That was extremely difficult but it still went by very quickly! I love Melanie!
Elizabeth G. - -
I definitely broke a sweat. Nothing too complicated, and full of great alignment cues. Melanie's soothing voice helped me stay focused.
Aisha H. - -
Definitely not easy! But great instruction and sequence.
Loved it...
Karen L. - -
This was my first class... it was definitely 'simple not easy'. Instructor was fabulous. ...
Joanna B. - -
I love the clear, calming instruction of this sequence. Thank you.
Elizabeth C. - -
Melanie makes an hour long practice seem like 30 min. This one is perfect!
Was Not Easy, But I Liked IT That Way
Shantelle R. - -
This class was definitely a challenge for me. I broke a sweat and lost my breath a few times along the way but I finished. I feel wonderful. This was a solid, well-rounded sequence. Thanks Melanie.
simple not easy
Alaya S. - -
Loved it !!
Great Class
Leslie K. - -
Really is simple but not easy. A perfect yoga class. Excellent instructor with great detail and lovely voice
simple,not easy
Alison P. - -
fabulous instruction
Danielle V. - -
I love this!!
Karla M. - -
This is definitely a great sequence... and Melanies what makes it perfect! It is almost like I had her behind me guiding through the whole hour.
Patrizia M. - -
Melanie is a superstar. The perfect blend of beauty, intelligence, elegance and kindness...with a smile :)