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My Third YogaWorks Online Class!
Catherine A. - -
I've never been able to step my foot forward all the way from Downward Facing Dog. A new tip in this video got it a little further. Great instruction throughout.
Massie M. - -
Really clear and easy to follow. Thank you so much!!!
Serena P. - -
How nice to go back to level 1 and reconnect to slowing down and doing the poses mindfully, correct. Oh, do I feel good!
Beginner friendly, but still challenging!
Desirae G. - -
Like other commenters, I really love Melanie's helpful instruction and her gentle, kind voice. This felt like a balanced practice and I'd recommend it for beginners and those at an intermediate level--half moon poses are a challenge!
Sydney M. - -
I'm a runner and I'm diving into yoga to improve my flexibility and endurance. I loved this workout and I really love Melanie! I look for her classes because she is really good at explaining positions and encouraging my practice.
simple, not easy
Sarina R. - -
great class had problems with video freezing
The title says it all!
Jessica P. - -
I've been doing yoga for a while but still consider myself a beginner. This was a basic but strenuous class. I will be doing this one again! It truly was simple...but not easy!
Shannon L. - -
Beautiful practice -- lovely cues. Thank you.
Scott B. - -
Melanie is fantastic. Perfect pace and learned along the way. Will take the class again and recommend everyone try this class too!
Bo m. - -
Fabulous,great teaching technique. loved it!
Enhanced my studio practice
Lisa D. - -
This is my first online class and I must admit I was concerned about the lack of classroom energy. Instead I found the practice to be a perfect enhancement to my studio work. I learned some incredible techniques that I had not learned in class and I was also able to watch a few transitions that helped me 'see' the best form. I found that I worked every bit as hard as I do in the studio and again, I was able to continue my learning. An excellent practice. Thank you!!
Melissa A. - -
Terrific instruction!
Kerri K. - -
My first yoga with MyYogaWorks and I loved it! I've been yoga for only 2 months now & assumes this would be "easy", but the title held true! Simple, but not easy! I love Melanie's teaching and look forward to more of her videos!
Kelly P. - -
Basic yet completely fulfilling ~
Jayne W. - -
This was a great video whether your a beginner or more advanced. First time for me with Melanie and she is awesome. Great start to my day and week!
Victoria G. - -
Wow. That was extremely difficult but it still went by very quickly! I love Melanie!
Elizabeth G. - -
I definitely broke a sweat. Nothing too complicated, and full of great alignment cues. Melanie's soothing voice helped me stay focused.
Aisha H. - -
Definitely not easy! But great instruction and sequence.
Loved it...
Karen L. - -
This was my first class... it was definitely 'simple not easy'. Instructor was fabulous. ...
Joanna B. - -
I love the clear, calming instruction of this sequence. Thank you.
Elizabeth C. - -
Melanie makes an hour long practice seem like 30 min. This one is perfect!
Was Not Easy, But I Liked IT That Way
Shantelle R. - -
This class was definitely a challenge for me. I broke a sweat and lost my breath a few times along the way but I finished. I feel wonderful. This was a solid, well-rounded sequence. Thanks Melanie.
simple not easy
Alaya S. - -
Loved it !!
Great Class
Leslie K. - -
Really is simple but not easy. A perfect yoga class. Excellent instructor with great detail and lovely voice
simple,not easy
Alison P. - -
fabulous instruction
Danielle V. - -
I love this!!
Karla M. - -
This is definitely a great sequence... and Melanies what makes it perfect! It is almost like I had her behind me guiding through the whole hour.
Patrizia M. - -
Melanie is a superstar. The perfect blend of beauty, intelligence, elegance and kindness...with a smile :)