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Love this! Thank you!
Cathy C. - -
I haven't done yoga in years due to knee and back injuries. This was my first try in a long time. The pacing is great and gave me time to adjust if something didn't feel good without falling behind. Will be doing this one again a few more times before moving on. Thank you!
Thank you
Louise B. - -
Very lovely practice. So nice to start with the basics and then add a little on as it progressed. Short and sweet.
Thumbs up! (but lets put a stop to sing-song tone)
Julie L. - -
I also really liked this well paced, clear instruction. Wonderful to not have a lot of chatter. Every now and then he slips into sing-song voice which I find irritating. Other instructors do this of course and they just must imitate each other as if this is the way its done, but honestly, pass it on, this type of patter should be stopped in yoga teacher training. While practicing and concentrating on purposefully executing the movements it feels trivializing when instructors sing-song the instruction. As if they've repeated themselves so many times they have to entertain themselves somehow. This is not staying present with intention and as a student (me anyway) it's like nails on a chalk board when you are practicing dropping into yourself deeply and the instruction starts to sound like an airline stewardess having to repeat hello and goodbye a million times. That is a rant against all instructors who do that. I do like this class though and I will repeat it.
David F. - -
this was a really nice flow. Everything worked well together, really enjoyed the pace. Perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon.
Great Flow
Jamie S. - -
I’m really coming to love this instructor and his pacing. The sequence is well planned and executed? The flow is great. I really appreciate how he breaks down the poses and builds on the throughout the class. 20min that really pack a punch.