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Excellent class for getting back to yoga!
Deborah R. - -
This was a perfect class for me to take. Mia's voice had such a calming while motivating effect on me. I had a shoulder surgery 6 months ago and I was able to do about 80% (with some modifications). Highly recommend!
I liked the instructor
Nikki E. - -
The class was too hard for me. And parts of it were too fast for me. My body just doesn’t open up in so many ways and pigeon is one pose I can never do. It seemed a lot harder than the Level 1 classes that I have taken in the past.
Loved it!
Mary H. - -
The is the 2nd class I've done with this instructor and I think she's fantastic. After reading some of the critical comments I find it interesting that what some viewers don't like about the class, I find to be what I liked most about it! To each his own. I just hope the instructor doesn't change her style because I like an instructor who stays verbal engaged, especially when the instructor has such a soothing, serene voice like she does.
Sit the next few plays out
Charles C. - -
Way too much talking, not enough space. There is a limit to how much wisdom I can absorb in 50 minutes. Just too much going on. I agree with the other comment: less is more.
Hanna B. - -
This is such a beautiful flow! I've done it about 10 times and love every one. Thanks, Mia!!
Gale G. - -
Warm inviting voice. Cueing was beautiful and wise. Lovely flow.
Teresa B. - - (edited)
Too much talking from this instructor. Other classes, she moves through postures in too fast & thus a dangerous fashion. Less is more!
MARY D. - -
Mia Togo Preaches Profound Truths in this flow!
Kristen H. - -
Ah, my friend and I took this class in a park on a sunny, breezy day, and afterward, we both agreed that Mia has some profound teachings and truths when it comes to consciousness and presence in life and yoga flow. Thank you for being such a rich teacher. We also both feel this class is challenging, being higher than a level 1! But we were grateful for the challenge, it felt great! In my opinion, this class is great for yogis/dancers/movement artists that have years of movement and alignment experience, so they can jump right in, but for beginners, I suggest allotting more time on explaining alignment and setting up the pose in order for them to approach each one safely. Amazing class!
Edward N. - -
I love how she leads you into the postures, some with a little sneaky humor (early core/abs in the sequence then wait for it... crow lol). The transitions are smooth and her voice is calming. Challenging for someone who hasn't done yoga in a while (me!) but enough to start a routine practice again. Thanks!
Challenging level 1
Dina F. - -
I agree that this is leaning toward level 2. Felt good but I needed more easing into some poses specifically crow. Love the instructor but not my favorite of her classes.
Mélanie P. - -
Thoroughly enjoyed this class. As many have mentioned, it is a more challenging Level 1 class, but I feel energized and uplifted following those 50 minutes. A good balance of strength poses and stretching. Loved Mia's helpful reminders throughout.
Fantastic Level 1.5/2 class
Terri H. - -
Every once in a while I get a little bored with some of the level one classes. They all have more or less the same postures in the same sequence, and while I enjoy the instruction and the peace I always get through yoga, I do want new challenges. This class introduces some new challenges in a way that still feels accessible. If you are a true beginner, you may want to look up a tutorial for crow pose and pigeon pose before doing this video, as there isn't a huge amount of instruction around those poses, but if you are returning to your practice, this is a great choice. Instructor is just lovely, and makes this feel truly meaningful.
Jennifer M. - -
Definitely a few places that moved quickly or had challenging poses like Crow that you wouldn't expect in a Level 1. The teaching wasn't bad, but not quite as thorough as I'd expect from a really good Level 1. Good variety, not a bad flow, but you should already have some experience before going in.
Allisha N. - -
Soul flow as promised, lots of instruction. I would call it level 1.5 since the core part of the routine was a little challenging (in a good way). The flow definitely built up heat but not enough for a good sweat. Perfect for the end of the day when you want a decent "workout" but not too intense. Would definitely bookmark and take this class again when my body calls me to.
Mixed Feelings
Kristen P. - -
This was a challenging level one class, but in a good way. Although I feel great and what she says at the end is beautiful, I'm not sure I would take the class again. Too many critiques to the other people in the video, it would get distracting to the point of annoying. This class is worth a try if you are up for the challenge.
Feel Good Workout
Shiraza M. - -
A bit challenging at times but I felt wonderful after the class was done!
pure garbage
rod k. - -
avoid this class. she is terrible
I loved this class...however it wasn't level 1
Julie C. - -
This class was challenging and felt SOOOO good. I was surprised it was under the level 1 category...the eagle pose is not something I could do.
Jessica R. - -
This class was a bit more intense then I was expecting, but I loved awaking the fire inside. Mia is such a soulful teacher. Whenever I take her classes I always feel in touch with my body.
Just what I needed !
Arnhild R. - -
I loved this! It was challenging, but did my best, and this was fun! I will do this again for sure.
Tough but gentle
Marilyn D. - -
Some of the poses were hard for level 1 (like crow pose and pigeon) but the instruction is gentle and encouraging. This felt challenging without feeling overwhelming.
Holly C. - -
It is a beautiful flow. I feel stronger and more peaceful. IT's like worshiping and exercising.
Esster J. - -
I'm not sure that I would consider this a level one class, but I did enjoy it! I will do it again
Challenging for level 1, but fun!
Ann B. - -
As someone who sits at a desk all day, I appreciated all the hip openers. I loved the rhythm of the flows; not too fast. There were some challenging poses like the ab work, but Mia makes it fun and brings meaning to the asana practice. This hour went by quickly.
Exactly what I needed!
Danee S. - -
I've been working on my feet a lot lately and I've been coming home stiff and sore and I wanted to stretch and open up without too much more physical exertion or aggression. I saw this new video and had to try it! I am so glad I did. The speed and rhythm of the flow get you moving, and work both on your body and soul. I was really pleased with the instructor and look forward to trying more of her classes.