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Rebecca C. - -
A bit on the slow side for me, but a good beginner session.
Natalie W. - -
Really enjoyed this one--felt the core work for sure and the balance came easier at the end than I expected. I agree with someone in the comments though: too long to put so much pressure on my wrists--for me anyway. Otherwise, I definitely intend to come back to this one again and again.
Svetlana A. - -
I enjoyed that kind of smooth and steady way of practice. In general, I often find the slower pace, repetitive actions are more challenging. And focusing on the breath: maintaining a deep rhythmic breathing pattern was really rewording. Of course I felt my abdominal :), but at the same time I felt centered, balanced... not just in the physical level.
Excellent Mindful practice
jessi S. - -
The instructor Birgitte leads through a strength building lower back and abdominals leading me to the most expansive tree pose I have ever practiced. I will revisit this teacher soon. Namaste
Great for Beginners +
Amber A. - -
I am a beginner & found this video very helpful & one that I will return to. It is not a basic beginner, but it is a great workout! :)
Leanna P. - -
I love Birgitte and was so happy to find her online after moving away from Santa Monica. :) This video is especially helpful for me. I have lower back scoliosis , and the core strengthening exercises really help, without being too rigorous. Thanks Birgitte!
the best video ever
Julie L. - -
love this work. this steady awareness and alignment is just right for me
Laura H. - -
I really like this practice! I have scoliosis and I tend to hyperextend my back. With this practice I found myself doing poses I always had trouble maintaining, it is very rewarding.
Too repetetive
Michelle S. - -
I understand why there is so much repetition, but this reminded me of being in aerobics. I just prefer to do yoga as moving sequence with a start and a finish.
Linda L. - -
Too long to have the pressure on the wrists!
Jennifer K. - -
I LOVED this sequence! It was slow, gentle, & relaxing while still getting a good workout at the same time. A couple times it was even pretty intense! (bridge pose & plank pose anone?) I really enjoyed the ab work. It was easy and didnt feel like a lot of work or painful, yet I could still tell I was working out my abs.