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More Michelle!
Irma B. - -
Love the instruction cadence and clarity.
Prativa K. - -
Thank you Michelle very much for the excellent class.
Strengthening, balanced, calming
Kera Z. - -
This sequence will challenge you, hey your heart rate up, and tone your glutes. Good balance of long-ish holds and flow. Michelle’s voice is super calming and she provides extremely clear and helpful instruction.
Soft soothing and audible voice
Kara B. - -
Just adding to a prior comment that someone posted that your voice was not loud enough. I have never met you Michelle but hope you have an opportunity to read that your Standing poses for the Glutes session was jusr perfect and what I needed today! Muchas Gracias!
Kara B. - -
Thx! Just what I needed at the end of a stressful day. Sadly, 22 min was literally all I could fit in my day and I’m very grateful you had a short but very targeted sequence. If you can post more that are 20 to 25 minutes that would be wonderful. It’s perfect for those days or you can’t make it to class and need something in a shorter amount of time . Namaste!
Can't hear Michelle.
MJ M. - -
Sorry, I would like to be more positive but Michelle's voice is just not loud enough. Also the flow isn't great.
Thank you Michelle so much for the videos.
OC T. - -
I love your voice, which is calming, relaxing, amd grounding. I love your clear, simple, and inspiring instructions too.
Nicole C. - -
Love Michelle's classes, can't wait for more. She blends challenging with do-able so well! Class went by very fast and I feel strong!
Day 3 challenge Standing pose for glutes
Lynette T. - -
Coming off a knee injury and this was great for strengthening.
Level 1 1/2
Kristen P. - -
This was an excellent class, I am feeling the burn! I feel like if you aren't sure if you are a level 1 or a level 2, this was a great class to help determine that. Or perhaps you are at a level 1 and want a challenge, try this class. Michelle has great instructions and an excellent voice, definitely going to do more of her videos!