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So great!
Audra S. - -
Always love listening to your voice and words. Very gentle and soothing! Thank you for clear and helpful cues!
Melanie's magic melody
Richard L. - -
Haven't done yoga in several months because of knee and back surgeries. After tons of PT it was a great way to start again with Melanie's perfect voice and easy simple flow.
i love melanie
Bridget T. - -
great, simple class with excellent cues and alignments. Melanie's teaching style is lovely and beautiful
Another Amazing Class by Melanie
Hill K. - -
The comment says it all
Great daily class
Connie K. - - (edited)
Love her serene voice and the way she narrated. Voice, mind and flows: a true yoga practice. I am doing it every day since it's only 35 minutes, then add on the Arms, Bbs and Glutes from Eduardo Duran only 20 minutes. Perfect daily work out and work in yoga time :)
Massie M. - -
Your instructions are very clear, detailed and easy to follow! Thank you!!!
Mindfulness and Presence in simple flow
Kristen H. - -
I appreciate how this class slowed down to pay attention to detail and to keep a constant reminder of breath and detail on alignment. For me, this class was great for a safe and simple energizing in the upper body and a gentle wakening up of the hips, hamstrings, and spine in a full body way.
Nice Tempo
Holly L. - -
This is a great tempo for flow for me - allowing me to get into the poses in a safe and supportive way, but still enough to generate a little sweat and heat. I have been away from yoga for 10 years, and this is helping chip off the rust. My 52 year old body is different from my 42 year old body when it comes to the asanas! Thanks.
Always a perfect class!
Patricia A. - -
Still my favorite YogaWorks class. I have osteoarthritis in my left knee and this class is gentle enough on the knee for me to have a great workout. Thank you so much!
A perfect class!
Patricia A. - -
This class beats any class I have done on YogaGlo. I have been doing yoga on YogaGlo for many years and will be dropping my subscription thanks to classes like yours and the ability to organize classes into playlists. Thanks so much!
Beth V. - -
Good class. New to online Yoga and really loved it!
Marian E. - -
Will definitely do this one again and again!
Great for after work
Judith E. - -
I love this class when I get home from work. It's perfect for when I'm too tired for a long class.
Holly H. - -
Relaxing way to end my Monday- forgot to set the alarm this morning and overslept so no morning practice- this helped stretch out the kinks before ending the day :)
Great Class
Karyn K. - -
This class is a solid flow class just what I was looking for. I am returning to yoga and I found it to be challenging with perfect instruction. I loved it.
christine j. - -
Lovely class and way to begin my morning.....As I edge back into a daily yang practice this was perfect!
Near Perfect!
Julia C. - -
Another solid practice from Melanie. Not a fast paced flow since the challenge is in taking it slow and controlled. That said, I would say this class is more on par with a Level 1.5 or Level 2. Only thing I felt was missing was a deep hip stretch. I will definitely be doing this one again. Thanks, Melanie!
excellent class
susan g. - -
melanie's online class perfect!
Refreshing Flow
Gini T. - -
I have done this class in the morning and have also done it in mid afternoon. A great any time of day flow. Class instructions are clear and easy to follow. Variations of the positions are offered. I really enjoy this sequence and it has become one of my 'go to' flow classes!
Luscious, Refreshing Flow!
Sandra S. - -
This is a perfect class to refresh yourself and feel amazing in your body for the day!