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excellent hips class
Diane Cooley - -
most hip class are openers only, i loved the combination of strengthening and opening
Serena Pritchard - -
My hips are so tight, this class did it for me today. I was able to do the standing poses, which is something I struggle with most of the time. I enjoyed this class. Thank you
Madeline Theis - -
Very Slow. I expected it to be mellow but was not exactly mellow, just very slow.
Great Level 2 Class
Liz Armstrong - -
I wanted to work on opening hips and this totally helped. Great instruction and an appropriate level 2 class. Will definitely do again. You need a strap.
Love Your Teaching Anne
Jannice Strand - -
So clear and focused ❤️ Annes voice is calm, soothing- but at the same time clear and strong.. The sequence is kind of a Basic for Level 2 ... where Anne go in deep to your outer hips ❤️ I felt focused and strong ... I would like a longer Savasana ✌️
Great wording
The language we use in YW is very important. And knowing what to say and when is one of the hardest in teaching. And my body and mind feels this teacher did a great work in doing that. Thank you.
lovely class
Patrizia Milano - -
I really enjoyed this practice. Anne's calm and steady guidance is very centering and helpful with focusing on the poses and the many balances. Although I m a pretty advanced yogi I did find some challenges, for example a transition from folded eagle into warrior III, etc. My only wish is that we could have had a few sun salutations her and ther to warm up the hips and find the mid-line, I added a few myself and it helped. Thank you :)
Tuva Selmer-Olsen - -
Love her opening and clear and thoughtful instruction throughout the class. A strap needs to be in the list of props. The class made me focused on aligning and not over-compensating or push to hard, which was good.. I wished I had turned the volume up before lying down for savasana, because Annes voice drops, wish is nice for the ending, but more enjoyable if you can hear without concentrating. ;)
Very, very slow
Julia Parker - -
This class is very alignment focused which can be great but just be aware of that. I definitely did not feel too much of a challenge other than making sure the alignment was perfect. You will also need a strap for a portion of the practice even though that isn’t listed as one of the props.
MJ Myers - -
I really enjoyed this class but Anne is difficult to hear.
Anna Mehus - -
Always love doing Anne's videos. ❤️ Love the sequence!!
great for alignment
Georgina Downs - -
balancing and stretching without throwing the body through shapes during flow. perfect after a long flight or too much sitting time
Rachel Boggia - -
The recommended props list should also mention a strap- the teacher uses it to great effect!
Rachel Boggia - -
Beautiful sequence with clear instruction! I am an experienced yoga practitioner but have been away from my practice for a while and this was the perfect reintroduction- challenging, but not rushed or overcomplicated. I think this would make it a good sequence for level 1 students looking for the next challenge as well as advanced students who want a thoughtful class.
Frida Caroline Bjerkan - -
I like your touch of playfulness and balancing together with hipopeners. More of that! :-)