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Great for hips, outer and inner thighs
Leland Nislow - -
An awesome instructor and awesome sequence. I always love hip work in yoga and this class just hit the spot. Thank you!
Hip Challenge
Jody Wolfe - -
This was a very difficult class for me and more of a level 2+ from my view. It would have been good for the instructor to give modifications during the class. Also would have liked a little bit of a stretch at the end as it just finishes abruptly.
Strengthening Hips!
Diane Cooley - -
It's so great to find a class that works on strengthening the hips, rather than opening. Very few yoga classes focus on this and I have very weak hips. Thank you for this class
thank you
Kim Wexman - -
I love all of your classes . I am wondering though what you think about using the word "want" and "I want you to"... just noticing that that stood out a little to me (because it was said more than a few times) and wondering, Vytas if you're okay with that?
Very helpful - hits the spot
Johnston LOWRY - -
I have needed something like this to strengthen my right hip following a bad case of sciatica some years ago which resulted in a weakening of my right leg and great difficulty balancing in postures such as the tree.
Fun strengthening sequence
Kera Zacuto - -
Challenging and unique class. Targets outer hips, with a healthy dose of balance, core, and glutes mixed in. Might be tough for someone with knee injury.
Loved it
Jalon Fowler - -
I needed this in my life- thank you!
Great class
Helen Gaynor - -
Great class and clear verbal cues. Perfect level of instruction , not too wordy.
Sam Af Klercker - -
I loved this class. I had to pay close attention to the fine details of each movement and loved every moment!
Maria Barbieri - -
Thank you Vytas for your dedicated work! love your accurate verbal cues.
Thank you!
Ann Sadler - -
Thank you Vytas for posting new videos. You seem to know what I need even remotely.
Carol Borrelli - -
I found muscles I didn't even know were there!
Different and good
Lisa Sarnovsky - -
This class is hip strengthening more than opening. I enjoyed the unique movements and being challenged to consider different aspects of your hips beyond the usual vinyasa poses.
Strong Mobile hips
Sanju Dinesh - -
Loved it as it made me realise that my hips need a lot of work, and could be the reason for lot of discomfort in my hip joints in my standing asanas. Thank you the cues were perfect.