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Fantastic Class
Heidi Browning - -
This class has helped me identify and correct some imbalances between my hips. I use some of the exercises from this class to strengthen my weaker hip and stretch it, especially before any exercise with weights or squats. Very challenging class for being only 30 minutes! Yes, the slow down is a bit abrupt but it's easy to add on supplemental stretches or savasana. Thank you, Vytas!
Rafaela Guberovic - -
i try to do this class at least once a week. feels great in my hips. very creative!
Great for hips, outer and inner thighs
Leland Nislow - -
An awesome instructor and awesome sequence. I always love hip work in yoga and this class just hit the spot. Thank you!
Hip Challenge
Jody Wolfe - -
This was a very difficult class for me and more of a level 2+ from my view. It would have been good for the instructor to give modifications during the class. Also would have liked a little bit of a stretch at the end as it just finishes abruptly.
Strengthening Hips!
Diane Cooley - -
It's so great to find a class that works on strengthening the hips, rather than opening. Very few yoga classes focus on this and I have very weak hips. Thank you for this class
thank you
Kim Wexman - -
I love all of your classes . I am wondering though what you think about using the word "want" and "I want you to"... just noticing that that stood out a little to me (because it was said more than a few times) and wondering, Vytas if you're okay with that?
Very helpful - hits the spot
Johnston LOWRY - -
I have needed something like this to strengthen my right hip following a bad case of sciatica some years ago which resulted in a weakening of my right leg and great difficulty balancing in postures such as the tree.
Fun strengthening sequence
Kera Zacuto - -
Challenging and unique class. Targets outer hips, with a healthy dose of balance, core, and glutes mixed in. Might be tough for someone with knee injury.
Loved it
Jalon Fowler - -
I needed this in my life- thank you!
Great class
Helen Gaynor - -
Great class and clear verbal cues. Perfect level of instruction , not too wordy.
Sam Af Klercker - -
I loved this class. I had to pay close attention to the fine details of each movement and loved every moment!
Maria Barbieri - -
Thank you Vytas for your dedicated work! love your accurate verbal cues.
Thank you!
Ann Sadler - -
Thank you Vytas for posting new videos. You seem to know what I need even remotely.
Carol Borrelli - -
I found muscles I didn't even know were there!
Different and good
Lisa Sarnovsky - -
This class is hip strengthening more than opening. I enjoyed the unique movements and being challenged to consider different aspects of your hips beyond the usual vinyasa poses.
Strong Mobile hips
Sanju Dinesh - -
Loved it as it made me realise that my hips need a lot of work, and could be the reason for lot of discomfort in my hip joints in my standing asanas. Thank you the cues were perfect.