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Maris Berzins - -
Definitely one of the best classes on this site. It's wonderful on many levels and I hope that Yvonne keeps adding more videos!
Great release after carrying a heavy load or long work day!
Isabel Sadurni - -
This is my new favorite class. Yvonne’s low registered even confident voice is the perfect guide through a sequence that elongates, opens and generally rejuvenates the back, heart and core with wonderful poses to stretch hamstrings and quads along the way. I woke up feeling tight and now feel open, flexible, balanced and strong. My new go-to recentering and recharge class— delighted to have discovered Yvonne!
Yuussss Yvonne is finally on MYW!!
Desiree Ebel - -
Yvonne is by far my favorite teacher in SF, and I'm so so excited to now have her everywhere I go! Now just praying for the day you and Vytas collab on a training ;D
Kelsey Wallour - -
This was really lovely to do after coming home from work with a cranky lower back. Stretchy, strength-building, and good instruction. Definitely saving.
Massie MCKELVY - - (edited)
Wonderful sequence and instruction. Thank you so much😊
Great class for strengthening the back 👏
Andrew Short - -
Great instruction and a well rounded class - highly recommend!
Quiet, Stretch and Strength
Lynda Woolbert - -
This class has a meditative quality and left my core feeling stronger and my shoulders more relaxed. Added this one to my list of favorites.
Tanya Zimmerman - -
Excellent class! Nice flow, great stretching, good explanation, but not too chatty!
Linda Fitzpatrick - -
This class was perfect. Yvonne did all the right things for me to get into camel pose. Please make more videos.