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Loved This Class
Meghan C. - -
This is not a sweaty class, but I feel the work in my back. It stretched out my shoulders even better than other classes that are supposed to focus on that. Also, great cue for rising from the floor into plank with no belly sag!
it's what I needed
Angela B. - -
helped release tightness. Also reminded me that I tend to get fearful when an instructor starts backbend poses from a lying on the stomach position and Yvonne's guided gentle instruction in these poses were reassuring and helped me to release tension.
Elise K. - -
So good for releasing tension where I hold it in my shoulders and neck!
Varsha S. - -
Just loved it!!!! Strong and calming. Thank you.
Wonderful, well rounded practice
Theresa M. - -
Yvonne is a confident yoga teacher and her strong cues translated well in this virtual class. Feeling great, thank you!
Linda S. - -
This is a unique and innovative yoga class which I loved! Thank you 💜
New favorite
Ida S. - -
Hits all the spots I've been neglecting and love the long holds and returns to neutral. Excellent instructor. Unfortunate that someone interrupted her and it was left it. Note to self: 1 block and strap for gaumukasana pose.
great class
Mary C. - -
feeling very open to start my day
Great pace and all around back
Clara T. - -
This is a great class for all around back and core. The pace was perfect for your typical morning tightness. I really appreciated subtlety in the instruction to elevate my poses and my awareness!
Perfect for opening the chest
Maria C. - -
Loved this class. Very necessary work on my back. It would be great if it could be edited again, as there is a moment in the beginning when the instructor gets interrupted by the camera man, that is not edited out and it's distracting. We can also hear the "cut!" at the end when we are relaxing
Perfect anti-screen class
Becky D. - -
Great if you’ve been sitting in front of screens. Also, EXCELLENT prep and cueing for bow and camel.
Clear, calm, and soothing
Lisa M. - -
Good opener for chest and heart, and leg flexibility, gentle pace, with good focus on breathing. Won't get your heart rate up but for those days when you focus internally more, this is great!
Good class, wish there were more inversions
Julie T. - -
I love the mix of strength and stretch this class provided for the back, and Yvonne's pacing and style were perfect! Only drawback was wishing there were some inversions mixed in with all the back bends – my spine really needed it by the end!
Sebastian D. - -
Yvonne's instruction is cristal clear and a soothing end to the day. Its my favorite here!!
More please, Yvonne!
Cecile L. - -
Love Yvonne’s clear instructions, soothing voice and calm demeanor. Beautiful! Please add longer practice!!
Yvonne's voice is the best
Sarah C. - -
I used to practice with Yvonne in San Francisco and always found her classes to be grounding and strong. Her voice and knowledge of the body are soothing and informative. Please make more videos Yvonne!!!!
Yvonne is great
Cole S. - -
This class was really good, and Yvonne guides it well, and her voice is very calm and sure and she keeps her commentary to the minimum for which I am VERY grateful.
Kristen T. - -
This was my fav class so far! Great flow and transitions!
More by Yvonne!
Jake W. - -
I did Yvonne's other class a couple of days ago when I was looking for a more grounding class and loved it. Same with this one. Can't wait till she has more online.
A very authentic teacher
Helen G. - -
yvonne gave a beautiful class - she comes across as very authentic & genuine in her teaching ; shes great -more classes from yvonne please
Nancy G. - - (edited)
you are a great instructor! loved this sequence and que's
Such a great class
Simon H. - -
Great pace, great instruction, very meditative. Nice to have a variety of binds and back stretches. More classes from Yvonne please
Around the World
Sara C. - -
This was great for opening up at least four of the many corners of the body. I’d love to see a longer variation of this class and I’m definitely going to start following Yvonne! I appreciate the complimenting push-pull sequencing of the movements, not being too repetitive with a traditional flow, and also incorporating deep muscle openers. I’m ready for my day! Thank you!
Kelsey W. - - (edited)
This was really lovely to do after coming home from work with a cranky lower back. Stretchy, strength-building, and good instruction. Definitely saving. More videos, please!
Maris B. - -
Definitely one of the best classes on this site. It's wonderful on many levels and I hope that Yvonne keeps adding more videos!
Great release after carrying a heavy load or long work day!
Isabel S. - -
This is my new favorite class. Yvonne’s low registered even confident voice is the perfect guide through a sequence that elongates, opens and generally rejuvenates the back, heart and core with wonderful poses to stretch hamstrings and quads along the way. I woke up feeling tight and now feel open, flexible, balanced and strong. My new go-to recentering and recharge class— delighted to have discovered Yvonne!
Yuussss Yvonne is finally on MYW!!
Desiree E. - -
Yvonne is by far my favorite teacher in SF, and I'm so so excited to now have her everywhere I go! Now just praying for the day you and Vytas collab on a training ;D
Massie M. - - (edited)
Wonderful sequence and instruction. Thank you so much😊
Great class for strengthening the back 👏
Andrew S. - -
Great instruction and a well rounded class - highly recommend!
Quiet, Stretch and Strength
Lynda W. - -
This class has a meditative quality and left my core feeling stronger and my shoulders more relaxed. Added this one to my list of favorites.
Tanya Z. - -
Excellent class! Nice flow, great stretching, good explanation, but not too chatty!
Linda F. - -
This class was perfect. Yvonne did all the right things for me to get into camel pose. Please make more videos.