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Anal about eveness
Ree T. - -
This is a fantastic, strong class. One of my very favorites. If you are anal like me about eveness, note that the counter stretch after the first ardha matsyendrasana is not repeated on the second side. After doing this video many, many times, I started doing badha konasana in that spot. This does not at all diminish my love of this practice.
Feeling reconnected
Henri L. - -
Thank you for the meditation at the end. I needed that to feel reconnected!
So nice!!
Eva K. - -
This sequence incorporated strength and so much more. Thank you.
Just right
Claudia R. - -
Appreciate Mia so much. Have started following you here.
NEEMA O. - -
Love Mia's classes...Strong and just what I need
Eleonora G. - -
Love Mia's smart sequencing, alignment cues, wisdom, and voice! Well rounded amazing class!
Susan H. - -
A just about perfect yoga class in an hour. Amazing.
Ami P. - -
Love listening to Mia. Learn so much while doing a thoughtful yoga class,
Sara S. - -
Thank you Mia. I miss you so much but feel you with me now. First class since lock down. I'll be a regular again. Best to you.
Colleen K. - -
Thank you Mia. You bring peace and beauty during this time.
Sara C. - -
Agree completely.
well rounded & beautiful
Spyros K. - -
thank you
well rounded & beautiful
Spyros K. - -
thank you
Great class... but
Laura M. - -
The flow and challenge of the class is absolutely wonderful. I appreciate the guidance and insight, however there's too much talking. I do the same thing in my classes, and a lot of people told me they loved it so I kept doing it until another teacher pulled me aside and said "you have so much to share but spread it out, talk less and let your silence be their guide." I didn't do the meditation because I needed quiet from the class, I needed to breathe in silent shavasana after that strong, empowering flow.
Sarah D. - -
I prefer a lot of talking when I’m practicing online at home... Keeps me motivated. If I wanted silence I could just do it in my own!
Jennifer S. - -
I think that if your students liked your talking in your own classes that you are doing well, and should continue. Another teacher shouldn't influence your style- that's HER thing- she is a teacher, not a student- you should continue doing what your students enjoyed and having your own style. I think more talk is necessary in these lonely times, even recorded voices feel good when you've been alone. Good class!
Happy Thanksgiving
Tom B. - -
Great class. As always.
Great workout
Betty K. - - (edited)
Love the flow. I can see that I’m getting stronger after a few practices. Great class!
Debbie H. - -
Excellent class! strong flow and strong holds...LOVE!
Kristine C. - -
Amazing! Just what my back needed.
Breathtaking Practice
Kim S. - -
Beautiful sequences to feel challenged but so in tune with your breath...Absolutely Loved Loved the Meditation at the end. It leaves you feeling refreshed and new.
Great flow
Jen M. - -
Just what I needed to loosen shoulders and hips after hike. Mia is so good with the instructions and attention to proper form. Very important to prevent injuries.
Loved it.
Annie L. - -
Perfect weekend flow. I can't do side crow yet, but the rest of it was achievable. Also love the pace. A keeper.
Sara K. - -
I come back to this class again and again and it somehow never gets stale. Delicious and diverse flow with a truly peaceful meditation. Simply divine!
Sydni A. - -
Wonderful pace. I felt challenged, stretched, and never rushed. Thank you!
great strong well rounded
Bridget T. - -
I love Mia!
really great practice
Patrizia M. - -
This class delivers what it promises. I loved not feeling rushed and being able to appreciate the gradual unfolding. Because I do a lot of meditating myself i decided to do a hip opener (double pigeon during the seated meditation time. I was still able to enjoy the chakra unfolding while grounding through a powerful hip opener an then into Savasana bliss. ) Will def do this again.
Michelle A. - -
really enjoyed this one, and really appreciated the extra sitting meditation at the end. LOVE.
Obrigado Mia!
Andreia G. - -
I miss Mia's class so much. Knowing that I can take her classes on the road is awesome!
Fab class
emma s. - -
This class is great. Good variety flow, a lot of deep twisting, and very strong on the legs. I paused the video before the meditation to add my own inversion sequence and think it's good/essential to also add savasana after such a strong flow (post meditation)
Janet M. - -
Excellent work out and strength builder. Really put my upper thigh muscles to work: my legs didn't have the strength to hold the poses as long as I needed to, but that 's a good because it gives me something to work towards. Although a good challenge, for the most part the challenge came from holding the poses rather than rushing through them, except for the second set of sun salutations which I found a bit too fast. I'll repeat what others said: no inversions. But aside from that, very well rounded. I will happily repeat again.
Catherine R. - -
Mia, thank you so much for this fantastic class!! Def a favorite ! More like this please :)
strong practice
Mary J. - -
Lots of core work. My crow and sidecrow are not solid. I cannot jump back from those asanas, butthis class invites you to do that if you can. Minimal instruction on how so you need to be self aware and an experienced yogi. Loved meditation at end of sweaty, heart pumping practice. This is the type of yoga I first fell in love with: physical, and spiritual. thank you .
Anna P. - -
This is what I call Yoga Bliss!
Kathryn H. - -
Nice well rounded practice, slow movement not fast flow. Gets a lot of the main poses but no inversions, no wheel or bridge. Does get crow and side crow though. Last 10 minutes is meditation.
mary p. - -
this was my first time trying the online yoga and WHAT A GREAT PRACTICE mia..thank u both
Great Flow!
Shannon D. - -
Thank you Mia, this was an excellent class, I love the extended meditation at the end. The class was challenging and very well cued. Adding this to my favorites!
Sarah F. - -
Great flow class - Mia definitely works your core in this one!
Abby K. - -
As usual, Mia took me through a strong, connected, spiritual class. Thank you!
Michelle R. - -
This was a strong, sweaty class. Add an inversion and it's complete. There is not a lot of stretchy softness in this sequence but if you are looking for a strong energizing practice this does it!
Great class!
Allegra B. - -
Thanks so much Mia! Loved this class. More like this please :) I miss being able to take your class in person.