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More space and less talking please
Jillian B. - -
While I love Mia's gentle, kind energy, I feel like I had NO time or space to actually go inside with the incessant talking, which I found ironic, because this is where yoga is guiding us. I would have loved her class and these valuable teachings with half the talking, which I think is possible. I tried to get through it, but I couldn't because I needed a more even balance of talking with space to actually experience the teaching internally.
love the info
Mary C. - -
I like listening to Mia's knowledge. It keeps me focused on the pose and her cues help me build strength
Enjoy the flow
Bangone B. - -
I thought this session was informative and motivational. She breaks down each the forms nicely. Even my husband who on a sideline said she is good!
Ashlynn P. - -
I CAN NOT STAND how much this woman talks. It ruined my practice and I was so disappointed. Meditation and inner peace is not constant chatter, I ended up muting the video completely. I will not be using this instructur again
Sarah D. - -
I love her talking. The other classes the teachers are boring with no personality and I lose motivation.
Kate R. - -
I greatly appreciate Mia’s informed and well meaning explanation of the sutras. It bolsters an important element in yoga practice and reminds us that it is not just a physical practice.
Kate R. - -
I greatly appreciate Mia’s informed and well meaning explanation of the sutras. It bolsters an important element in yoga practice and reminds us that it is not just a physical practice.
Deborah K. - -
I have taken classes at Yogaworks since it opened. I keep coming back to Mia. She really is the best.
Great to practice with you
Tom B. - -
Wonderful to do a 415 class. This was informative, inspirational, great series of asanas. Thank you, Mia.
Way too much talking
Tracey H. - -
I couldn’t finish this class because of the non-stop talking. I didn’t feel the instructor provided much of a message despite all of those words. Made me anxious.
Efstathia A. - -
Same here — stopped at 30’. What a shame, the sequence flow is actually pretty good and grounding.
Sarah D. - -
Interesting. I LOVE hearing talk when I’m practicing at home. It keeps me motivated. Almost every teacher is normally the same boring thins with no talking. She is so refreshing!
Lots of talking
stephanie b. - -
The class had nice sequences, but the constant commentary was distracting. I find it helpful when instructors provide guidance in the positive direction, rather than frequent reminders of the things I should not be thinking about (e.g., relationships, money, ego, lunch).
Kristine C. - -
I’m completely wrung our. That was awesome. I could listen to Mia speak all day, she has such a peaceful tone.
excellent mindful class
Samantha B. - -
This class was just what I needed to let go of anxiety over a stressful upcoming event. The talking was very helpful to me, because my mind kept slipping, and differently things Mia would say would really resonate and then bring me back to center and mindfulness. thank you very much for being one of the few instructors who will offer such a well-rounded class that provides physical challenge/flow + mindfulness and food for thought
Tamiya P. - -
This practice was so perfect! I feel so strong and open. Thank you!
Thank you so much
Natasha D. - -
I feel so calm, open-hearted, strengthened and lengthened after this class. You have a nice, soothing voice to listen to. Really appreciate a fuller yoga experience with spirit in the center. Thank you.
Tiffany C. - -
Thank you!!!
Heather S. - -
Mia's classes always hit all the parts my body needs most: Shoulders, twists, hips. She takes you out of savasana, and she creates a great place for meditation at the end, so maybe have one ready!
Strong sweaty class
Michelle R. - -
I loved this class Mia! All of your classes are so mindful and grounding. I always finish feeling grounded and like a million bucks.
great class
Bridget T. - -
loved it and feel great after
Sweaty good times!
Miranda B. - -
Definitely had a bit to do with my environment, but my whole body was slippery by the end of this! Great practice, and I loved the commentary.
Perfect class!
Deniz E. - -
I love the sutra classes and have benefitted from them tremendously! Please make more of them :)))
technical problems
Sharon L. - -
I cannot seem to use the videos because they are encoded in some special way. I can download yogaworks videos from You Tube. If you could tell me why this is and/or fix it, I would much appreciate.
A wish...
Jami W. - -
I love this class and have taken it several times...I am wondering if this same class could be recreated with less discussion as it becomes distracting after a while? Just a thought. Thank you Mia!
Great Class Mia!
Paola T. - -
I feel we should have more of this kind of class, my experience is that I gain so much more from the class, and can do so much more, when there is an integrated approach like this. Thank you Mia!
This is what it's all about!
Mary W. - -
Thank you for an enlightening and challenging class. And thank you for reminding us what yoga really is all about--it is a physical, mental, and, most of all, spiritual practice that is meant to bring us inner peace and unity with all that is. I can't wait to try the other sutras!
Great Class!
Emily E. - -
Thank you Mia for this amazing class :) I'm a YW Teacher and this is very useful for my teaching here in Paris. (Forgot the left side of low lunge at the beginning :)) Just to let you know I'm very focus during your classes haha Looking forward to meet you one day. Maybe come for a TT in Paris at my Studio? Namaste Emily Pearl
Challenging and invigorating
Gillian B. - -
I for one am pro-Mia talking. IMHO it isn't too much, and I like that I'm learning about the spiritual aspects of the practice, not just exercise.
rachel g. - -
really liked the class but could take a bit less talking. Hard to find the quiet space between the breath with all the comments.
Paige H. - -
Nothing but incredible things from this class. Thank you, Mia! Keep them coming. <3
amy s. - -
Anastasia S. - -
So much talking. I felt mentally tired after the class.
Graziela N. - -
I could not quiet my mind, too much talking. I know all she said was great....but I could not focus.
Great class!
Jami W. - -
I appreciate that Mia teaches beyond the postures in this series, and she must because she is instructing many who are at home, and who knows what level of understanding they have. I believe that comes with taking online classes. Thank you Mia...always a good class.
Nathalie D. - -
Mia your classes are great but please less talking!! I agree with the others here😉
Good Pace, Great Message
Bethanie P. - -
I like the pace of movement - not breakneck speed like many other classes out there. And as someone who cannot drive to a YogaWorks class, I sincerely appreciate the theme offered - although few pauses in the talking would give more time to digest the message. Thanks for a great class, Mia!
Great class
Maria M. - -
I liked the sequence of the class, but there was too much talking.
Excellent focused workout
Joan L. - -
I loved the movement and emphasis and clearing the mind. I started to get annoyed however at the constant talking by the teacher. If we are to clear our mind, give us moments of silence to do that.
Strong vinyasa class
G G. - -
Good, slow and basic (as Mia says at the beginning) strength-building class with lots of sun salutations. However, I found it tough on the wrists.