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Sprague G. - -
It is a lot of talking. Hard to listen to my own breath
Sutra for practicing how to let go & be resilient in uncertain times
DeeAnn T. - -
In a time with so much uncertainty, which can lead to expectations based on factors outside of our control, this sutra flow was EXACTLY what I needed to hear! The pandemic recently affected my job and has resulted in much uncertainty and frustration, but practicing mindfully to let go, be resilient, and be present is what I needed to do and hear right now. Thank you Mia, namaste.
another great class
Mary C. - -
I always feel strong after Mia's classes. Physically and mentally
Ericka N. - -
This is a good class, but so much talking.
Tom B. - -
Great. Gratitude!
Tom B. - -
Great. Gratitude!
Sutra Series #2
Prativa K. - -
Excellent class, thank you Mia. You are such a delight! See you tomorrow for Inner Work Workshop!
Annette R. - -
This class offers good variety of poses and the sequencing is fine. I just wish there was a little less talking. I love Mia but sometimes the talking messes with my focus...
Samantha B. - -
I love Mia, but this is one of the very best. Excellent sequence where everything built on the prior poses + a great variety of arm balancing, standing, and twisting poses so you leave the class feeling entirely wrung out and invigorated. I also love that this class works for a level 2 or 3 practitioner because it offers varying levels on the poses. Please keep making the Sutra classes--they are such a perfect combination of physical and mental challenge.
Jamie T. - -
Just finished the whole practice and really feeling the heat even in the fall season now. I like your sequence lead to the arm balancing poses. First time able to do my side crow. Namaste
I feel amazing
Miranda B. - -
Yet another wonderful class by Mia! She really replicates that tingly feel-good sensation I get after a class in real life, and that is a true feat. Thank you!
Ken M. - -
Please more sutra's these are amazing!!!
Wonderful Series
Paige H. - -
Mia, the Sutra Series classes are wonderful - challenging both physically and mentally. Thank you!