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thank you!
Janae Pearson - -
I was looking for something quick to do in the morning, i have been out of practice for a while and this video was great! I love this video and look forward to adding this to my routine. Thank you Danni!
Thanks for this kick up
Irene Penrose - -
I was feeling unmotivated today, just feeling like doing nothing. This class reboot me and now I can go about my day full of positive energy.
Love Danni!
Jamele Watkins - -
I love Danni's videos when I can't get to practice with him in person. I can't believe he was able to speak while in handstand! Whoa! Super amazed and impressed with him as always!
An exceptional guide and an excellent quick class
Seanan Forbes - -
As a personal trainer, I appreciate Danni Pomplun's clear directions and reminders that self-care and modifications matter. As a distance practitioner, I am thankful for his recurrent reminder that we are all yogis, and that we are on the mats together, even if we are distant in space, energy, age, today's ability, or any other factor. As a meditation leader, I appreciate his incorporation of yoga's spiritual aspect. His no-fluff, no-fuss approach is balanced with awareness, compassion, strength, and gentleness -- the very stuff of yoga, brought into the classroom and the video. I'm bookmarking this class for travel, and looking forward to seeing more of what Danni brings to MyYogaWorks, and to the larger community of practitioners, as time goes by.
Short & Sweet
Jennifer Baker - - (edited)
I wish this was maybe 4-5 minutes longer. Overall really good start to get the muscles oiled up before the work day.
great quick workout to get a bit of a sweat on
Chris Schepers - -
I am a fan of a quick workout and I loved that this added some core and sweat. I am fairly new to 2 but was able to keep up with the pace and modify as needed thanks to what I have learned in other classes.
danni pomplun - -
Woo hoo!
Loved, loved, loved it!
Kelly N - -
This practice was amazing. Loved the instructor, his pace, the fact that he did the practice felt like he was in it with us. I was sweating and felt peaceful at the same time. I'm a total Danni fan now!
danni pomplun - -
Aww thanks Kelly!
Great Mini Workout!
Rachel Jones - -
Plenty of core, standing poses and sweat all wrapped up in less than 17 minutes! Just what I needed today! Thank you :)
danni pomplun - -
Woo hoo! Glad you got it in!
lovely sequence
Helen Gaynor - -
fast paced but still explsined very well.
danni pomplun - -
Hope you got a good sweat in Helen!