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Very relaxing
ellen r. - -
I found this to be quite restorative after a day of heavy gardening!
~~Blissfully Perfect for Restoration~~
Shaila M. - -
Dani, your voice and tone are easy to follow and the sequence is incredibly calming and allows for different energy channels in the body to open along with energizing the lungs and heart with prana. Thank you! Namaste!
Great Practice
Chetana R. - -
Very calming voice and class.
Great video guideline for teachers
Manhattan T. - -
Loved it. I'm teaching this soon
lovely relaxing after stressful day
Claudia C. - -
Great practice and what a lovely voice! After an hour and a half commute home this is just what my body and mind needed to unwind. Please add some more of these longer restorative practices, they are so important and needed.
Perfect For Restoration After Back Surgery
jason c. - -
Very easy, slow-moving, and thoughtful poses with Dani! This is a perfect restorative practice for coming out of a lower back surgery (almost a month for me). Her voice is wonderful, and holding the poses for longer periods of time are what is needed for restorative practice! More of these please!! :)
Sweet is so right
joAnne f. - -
This yoga session is like getting a total body massage. I didn't want it to end ....just what I needed to get back to center and happy with my mind and body. Xoxo
Alev E. - -
This class is very soothing and relaxing. Dani is clear in her instructions and has the perfect tone for the class. Thank you!
Wonderful Release
Christina B. - -
Deeply relaxing. Deep opening. Just what I was looking for to balance my new, highly intensive body weight workout.
Great restorative sequence
Janicke S. - -
Thank you for making this wonderful restorative video! It's so nice to have a longer restorative practice available for deep opening. Dani's voice is very soothing and her instructions are clear. I really like that she stays with you until the end of savasanna, so you don't worry about falling asleep.
Excellently deep work
Lindsay C. - -
Dani is very precise in mapping the body so that as your mind's eye goes to the places she suggests, a stretch or a relaxation is deepened. So much yoga these days seems to be about a vigorous workout. It's so nice to have the option to slow down, look within, and deepen the practice. For people with fewer limitations, this practice seems doable without some of the props. Loved it!
Sheila H. - -
Agreed, I really like her pace and suggestions for different times when I may have different needs.