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2020 Resolution!
Jurim L. - -
It was very helpful to practice king pigeon. Very nice sequence. I would like to keep coming back until I get full King dancers pose!
Not sweaty, but absolutely delicious
Sara M. - -
I picked this class hoping for a lot more heat and sweat then it wound up being. However it was everything my body needed. So much delicious detail in this class. I am not disappointed.
Barbara D. - -
Very smooth class - enjoyable
Without the talking
Taz B. - -
I love this sequence its really amazing but i would love to have it with about 1/4 of the talking. The constant talking gets frustrating when you just want to settle in and breathe. Otherwwise its great
Nikki T. - -
This class felt so balanced- the perfect ratio of challenging engagement and release. My favorite vinyasa class on here by far! Beautifully sequenced and Mia always brings such peace to my practice
Beautiful, Mia!!
Hanna B. - -
Thank you! What a gorgeous practice! Challenging but sequenced so wonderfully. You're amazing!
Fantastic Class!
Andrea N. - -
This is my favorite class of the summer, and I have done it many times. Mia is a great teacher - warm, friendly and knowledgeable.
Kristen C. - -
My favorite class, ever!
Ikonia u. - -
I revisited this sequence again and it is absolutely lovely and wonderful. My body feels free and strong and at peace. thank you
Very very nice!
Shuai Z. - -
Very nice class Mia. Great cues!
Sara C. - -
I loved this practice, Mia, thank you. I disagree with the other comments saying there were too many chaturgangas. I very much appreciated them all, as the maintenance of heat really helps open the body into backbends. I was pleased with the long and SILENT savasana (I don't mind shorter savasanas on My YW but some instructors talk through the whole rest pose…I appreciate that Mia did not). It was overall a really deep, delicious, mindful practice that I look forward to doing again :) Namaste.
Thank you!
Bernadette P. - -
Thank you, Mia. I enjoy your classes here. I hope to be able to your take classes in person one of these days :)) Keep sharing and inspiring. Thank you :))
Adam L. - -
a very beautiful class! Loved the way it flowed into the Apex asana. Classes like this is why I practice yoga. Thank You!
Another great flow!
rebecca w. - -
I love that you have a theme and the sequence flows naturally and makes sense to get you to the final postures. Also, I like that you are not too chatty or overly descriptive on the basics. This is level three. Some teachers spend 3 minutes while you are in plank, explaining proper plank posture. I just finished this video on a rainy Sat morning, here in NYC....feel accomplished (a bit sore already), but satisfied that I worked hard. If you like a lot of chatarunga's like I do with a challenging non-stop flow, Mia's classes are the best! Thanks!
Mary G. - -
Lovely sequence, very well explained!
Ana H. - -
What a wonderful class, thank you!
abbey p. - -
Such a great class! The perfect balance of opening and surrender. My hips, heart, and body are very grateful!!
Backbends and Hips :)
Meaghan Q. - -
Thanks for a great practice. Sun As and Bs, and lots of hip and shoulder-openers. I found more ease in king pigeon than usual!
stella f. - -
Such a great flow. Really enjoyed it!
Huda M. - -
Too many chaturungas for a backbend practice. I wish you included more quad and shoulder openers in the sequence and a couple more open shoulder inversions.
Romina C. - -
lovely. Thank you!
Sandra G. - -
Nice, Thank you..I would like more opening in the beginning. Maybe a chant or 3 times Om. : ))
Laurie K. - -
Joanna B. - -
Great advanced and smooth class. Modifications make pigeon available. Thank you.