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Excellent instruction
Sarah S. - -
Great range of motion, very clear anatomic instruction. A good combination of strength and flexibility.
Mike S. - -
Just what I needed after a week of illness followed by a week of shoulder injury. Slow, intentional, and deeply stretching.
Sanju D. - -
Enjoyed your class, as I was coming to the mat after a long time, it helped in lubricating my joints Thank you
Great class
Chloe T. - -
I enjoyed this class and thought it really worked the hip and shoulder joints.
love love love
Catherine V. - -
Thank you so much for this! Super intentional practice that was so helpful for me!
Excellent Teaching
Lisa D. - -
I learned a lot about anatomy as I was feeling it in my body. I'll be taking this class again for sure!
Love at first sight
Nok T. - -
I am personally like to listen than watching, her instruction is clear and easy to follow beside she has lovely voice. Looking forward more to come from her classes.💕
Walter G. - - (edited)
Hi Carolina. I’m sorry that my voice was annoying you. I was losing it after teaching for 5 hours. I am a huge proponent of blocks, I’m sorry that the use of one was not offered at a time you felt was appropriate. I will also say that I gave an inaccurate anatomical point at the beginning of class, simply because I was nervous. I have been teaching for 22 years, but this was the first time filming for My YogaWorks. I wish you well in your yoga practice. Perhaps in future comments, you might practice a little more grace.