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clear instruction
Kimberley E. - -
Thank you for clear instruction that guided me into fabulous re-connection to my strength.
So Grateful!
Karen B. - -
Malachi, thank you! I learned things today in your class I never understood in 15 years of doing yoga. I am so grateful and feel stronger! Namaste.
Jacquelyn W. - -
Very nice, excellent instructor.. Thank you..
Morning Rise and Shine
Christine F. - -
Loved this class- Great way to begin my day feeling strong and positive ! Thank you
Good core awareness!
Linda C. - -
Really challenging core work and calming, as promised. Soothing voice!
Maryann L. - - (edited)
Is there a name for this style of yoga? Loved the class would like to try more!
Maria B. - -
Great workout! but I won't be doing this one again personally because I prefer when there is also focus on the mental part of yoga, and mind-body connection. This was all physical instruction
(mind) ReJuvenated
Hara P. - -
I liked A LOT her class. Great practice into the middle of the day. Through her instructions I (eventually) was more focused, on Me! thank u.
Love Malachi's instruction and soothing voice
Laura S. - -
I love Malachi's classes in person and online. Love the theme of this one carrying throughout. Really connects me to my core in Warrior 3.
Great Core Workout
Amie M. - -
I loved this class as a core workout, I think I will definitely be feeling it tomorrow! I would have liked to see a little bit of stretching at the end, but I just added my own. Thank you!
Eric B. - -
Loved this class. It was a nice blend of practicing and continually being in touch with my core throughout a (not too fast) yoga class. The title describes it well. Thank you.
Mindful and Calming
Cheryl R. - -
This was a really calming and grounding class. The movements are very intentional, with a focus on isometric holds and stabilizing core. This is perfect for a relaxed, mindful class.
Loved it!
Kalila F. - -
This was a great class, I would love to know if it is appropriate for post-partum mamas.
More of this!
Alexine D. - -
I really enjoy Malachi's classes. Would love more from her!
Nok T. - - (edited)
Would love to see more from Malachi, why She has only 3 Vdos in here ;-(
Jody W. - -
I liked the idea of this practice, but for a level 2, I felt there was too much talking and at times, it was very slow.
Tom B. - -
Very helpful insights.