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Such a nice way to start the day
Avina G. - -
I really enjoyed David's teaching style and class - i found myself able to really let go of my worries/self talk and be in the moment. His truly non-judgmental stance allowed my inner critic to take a long walk :)
This is great!
Sarah S. - -
This is my favorite sequence to do when I only have 20min! It's short but still feels like I got something done.
Nice Morning Start
Debbie F. - -
What a nice start to my day. Love the humor, the guidance and the overall well rounded feel in a short practice.
Heloisa A. - -
The class is good and Dave is very gentle on his guiding.
nice, quick but complete pratice
Dina F. - -
great instructor guidance - will look for more of David's offerings
have just moved on to level two
Barbara D. - -
Enjoyed this class. Dave's sense of humor helped to relax me with my poses. Quite a change from the calm of Melanie Meltzer who is my current go to person. Namaste.
The Giving Tree
Valorie Z. - -
What a lovely class Looking forward to meeting again thank you so much
Great class in 20 minutes
Julia C. - -
Awesome class. Can't believe it's only 20 minutes. I echo what everyone else has said about David's sense of humor. I'll be seeking out more from him!
Great class
Carolyn C. - -
Love David's humor and this class is just perfect to feel great in a short time
Just What I Needed
Katharine B. - -
I am so happy I found this class. David was an exceptional guide. I feel balanced and grateful for finding the time to get to my mat today.
Calm waters
Maria R. - -
David has a great sense of direction and cues. Love the literary reference to Don Quixote's windmills! Such panache! Alleluia indeed!
Love Love This!!
Annette R. - -
David is a wonderful balance of humor and gentleness. This class was a great 20 minute combination of energizing poses as well as calming to my spirit!
The Giving Tree
Karen N. - -
I love this class. David is great! Love his humor, and gentle calm cues. Only 20 minutes, and I feel wonderful. Looking forward to more classes from David.
Deja K. - -
Really enjoyed David's Class! Great humor and very calming/ gentle cues and instruction. Looking forward to taking more of his classes!
The Giving Tree
Cathleen H. - -
Perfect 20 mins of yoga. Made me energize, relax and David's comments gave me a few chuckles