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So relaxing and comforting
Devin Flaherty - -
I've been having a sore neck for a few days (must have slept on it funny). It's been driving me nuts. This class helped soothe my neck, but also my soul.
Stacia Cedillo - -
excellent class
Dawn Rancourt - -
Really felt a big difference after doing this class. Love the gentle reminders about correct form, and easy breathing. Thank you.
ruth givens - -
I miss your sweet spirit.
Gentle & Therapeutic
Allison Philips - -
Perfect practice for stiff neck and shoulders. Gentle enough without being fully restorative. I feel like my sore trap benefitted greatly from this class.
Thank you!
Karen Heersink - -
I have been having a long recovery from a shoulder sprain. This sequence touches the edge, but doesn't go too far with an overstretch. Thank you so much Dani for your body awareness.
Hi Dani!
ruth givens - -
Ruth here. I needed some neck and back relief after grading. This was wonderful!
So Nice
Jill Thistle - -
This definitely made my neck feel better an I love her soothing voice.
Mary Ellen Gervais - -
I suffer from terrible neck and shoulder pain, which is one reason why I have not been able to get to the studio. After one time doing this sequence my shoulders feel better than they have in a year..
Kristen Mosdell - -
I have been suffering from neck pain. This was the perfect sequence. I feel much better.
Loved it!
Erica Maier - -
I never considered putting a bolster under the knees during savansa. That was fantastic!
Loved this sequence!
Heather Hare - -
Thanks so very much. This helped release areas of tension that I commonly experience.
Great for Night Time Stretch and Relaxation!
Stephanie Johnson - -
I have been having upper back and neck pain and this really loosened the muscles up tonight before bed so I can warm and ice them. Very relaxing too! :)
Hello Dani!
ruth givens - -
I spent virtual time with you today, but I really miss your touch. Miss you. Ruth
Lisa Jennings - -
The instructor has a gentleness about her and the moves were just what I needed to release my very sore upper neck and shoulders. A great way to start my morning!
Diane Ammerman - -
Very nice and gentle for my back and neck.
karen conroy - -
Perfect relaxation!
G Goode - -
Perfect after a busy day to unwind and relax. Would be very good in the morning too if you wake up stiff in the upper body.