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Home away from home
Pru Goldberg - - (edited)
It is such a treat to be able to practice with one of my favorite teachers, David Lynch, even when I’m in the road. Here I am, overlooking the ocean in Mexico or in a tiny hotel room in NYC and I choose to begin my day with one of David’s classes. It is challenging, insightful to my body and there is always joy so that I don’t take myself so seriously. Smiling 😁through an asana is important to me. It unclenches my jaw. 😖 thank you David see you soon at Larchmont.
Amey Holden - -
Not my favourite practice - a bit too heavy on the bad jokes and casualness for my liking I find it very annoying!
Ken Martin - -
love david so much one of my favorite instructors!!!
Maureen (SC) Flannigan - -
David thank you for consistent lightness, levity and humor. Now, that's a yoga practice. Brings a smile to my face every class. I Tonya!
Basic is always good!
Fernanda Desai - -
Thanks David for the fell good class...I had only 20 min and thought this would be easy...not at all...complete class. Feeling good with heart pumping. Thanks a lot.
Great Visual Cues
Helen Crawford - -
I agree with everyone- David is funny! But what I really appreciate are his visual cues... they really help you figure out in your mind’s eye how to fine tune the poses. He is very good!
Wayne Churcher - -
The humour took me by surprise in the midst of focus... I just had to burst out laughing, much to the surprise of my family! Great class.
Allison Page - -
And fell over laughing with the Burt Reynolds comment!
Isabel Sadurni - -
David’s a great teacher and freaking hilarious. Can’t wait to try a more challenging class where I can laugh through the “good” pain.
Natalie Deweese - -
great class for after my run thanks David
Sara Mulholland - -
nice 22 min spent. David is great! i will be trying out more of his videos for sure
Loved it!
Megan White - -
Great class in a short period of time. And David is super funny!!!
Annette Rallo - -
Love this new class! Great instruction and flow. Love David's sense of humor and calming tone. Putting this one on my "quick but effective" list
What a joy!
Jena Kallai - -
This class was so informational and happy! David is calming and yet hilarious! I may have had an emotional release at the end because I could not stop laughing! Thank you so much! I really needed that this morning!
masterful teaching
Huda Mussa - -
Short and sweet.