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Meditation movement class!
Fernanda D. - -
Wow Calvin...I got all the feeling with this practice. Felt it somewhere else than in my body...I got a peace of mind and at same time it was tiring but deeply tiring...felt inner body working more than outer muscles. Thanks...enjoyed it.
Jen B. - -
Not cardio. Too simple. Will not do again.
Definitely Don't Sweat in This One
Linsey S. - -
This class is great for what it is but I had searched for a class that would get my heart rate up and make me sweat, and that, it definitely did not do - at least for me. Just a heads up for people looking for something that will raise your heart-rate and really make you move, this may not be the best class.
Fantastic and No Chaturangas!
joanne r. - -
I loved this class! Perfect flow with no chaturangas (welcome for my shoulders) and every part of me was worked and stretched. I even broke a sweat! Thank you, Calvin.
Beautiful Movement
Reema A. - -
I smiled, grinned actually, mid class. It felt happy, the movement wasnt sternous, but it required strength. Great mixture. Thank you!
Annette R. - -
Love this class! Definitely wakes you up and builds a sweat. Love Calvin's simplistic approach to this flow sequence
Lindsey W. - -
just right after a long day, not boring at all! The movements are so good for your body! Thank you C!
Good for Newbies
Jennifer B. - -
For beginners like myself building strength this was a helpful course and the repetition helped me build a sweat going between poses. Feels like a 1.5 but not complaining at all.
No chatarangas!
Sonia G. - -
Nice class, especially if you want to avoid sun salutations or are looking for a less strenuous practice..
Just Right
Liz A. - -
I needed something not too strenuous and this flow was just right for the morning. I've taken Calvin's other classes and they are usually more instructive and dynamic. But because this is a repetitive flow it didn't bother me that it was low-key and it still got me going for the day. I recommend it.
Dymanic wake up
Roze H. - -
Perfect class for early morning creaky bodies. Lots of heat and strength building.
moving meditation
Bridget T. - -
also great for a moving meditation because you're focusing on the movement and your breath
beauty in simplicity
Bridget T. - -
great class for the morning and getting your body ready for the day. surprisingly accumulated a lot of heat and strength throughout all the movement. also great if you have any shoulder issues because there's no chaturanga's
Give it a try
Helene L. - -
Good flow for those days when you need to stretch and not overdo any muscle groups. While some have suggested it's boring, I found the low key presentation quite peaceful, getting straight to the point.
almost skipped it...but glad I didn't
Dina F. - -
Based on the comments, I was afraid this would be boring. It is repetitive but it felt great - I really enjoyed it. I'd say give it a try!!
Beginner class NOT intermediate
Jenda S. - -
Would highly recommend changing the level to beginner for this one. Boring... Kinda feel like I wasted my time with this one as it wasn't what i was looking for
Beginner, not intermediate
Karen H. - -
This is fine for a beginner, but not challenging enough for intermediate. Also, very, very boring.
Alyssa H. - -
They aren't exaggerating when they say that it's repetitive. Also a lot less rigorous than I expected from a Level 2 class. It sounds like it gets more energizing further in, but my body so felt bored and listless five minutes in that I just couldn't take it anymore. Might be perfect for some, but just not my style.
Traveling and needed yoga
Tammi C. - -
Just what I needed this travel day.
Jennifer S. - -
Very Very Very repetitive. I broke a sweat and it was a good workout but boring.
Samantha H. - -
Loved every minute.
Or P. - -
totally excellent! i love the repetitions - i added my own chaturangas during the plank time. i'm sweaty & my muscles are shaky! love it
Hillary G. - -
Really like the versatility of this instructor. This class kept me moving which keeps the cold out of my bones here in a New England winter.
Great Flow for 30 minutes
Daphne V. - -
If you are either crunched for time or only feeling like practicing for 30 minutes, then this is perfect. Gets a sweat going about half way through and great movement synced with breathing. Thumb's up!
Perfect for 30 minutes
Kathleen S. - -
This was a really nice flow that didn't focus on chatarunga. I liked the repetitions and particularly the focus on breath. I added a few floor stretches and shavasana at the end and it was perfect.
Movement as medicine
Sydney J. - -
This was my first workout after being sick and it was the perfect remedy. The focus on full body movement was just what I was looking for.
Julia C. - -
Due to the fast pace of the class there's a lot of repetition. No chaturangas. Not much of a cool down.
Camilla D. - -
Will definitely repeat this practice!!! So great! Went by in a heart beat! Namaste!
Comes up in beginner search but...
Anne P. - -
Had to stop halfway through.Maybe in a few weeks...
Jessica B. - -
This is the perfect flow to get your blood pumping and body warm on mornings that you don't want to do a long, more challenging one!
Jessica R. - -
This is a great waking up and getting your day started practice. I have very tight hamstrings in the morning it's hard for me to do deep poses, but this practice had enough hamstring stretches that I could loosen/warm up my hamstrings and build a nice sweat. The flow is different then a normal practice, but that is why I loved doing this in the morning. Its constantly moving so no boredom