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Brilliant tutorial
Johnston L. - -
I have a real problem with the tree posture. This session is methodical and logical taking you back to fundamentals and whoopee: I can do it! Many thanks :)
Jody W. - -
Nice instruction and perfect for what I needed today, but this is more of a level 1 class.
Loved it
Sofia S. - -
I´ve been struggling with some pain in my shoulder for the past weeks, so i changed my practice to something easier on the arms, today i was looking for a different class to start practicing slowly, without a lot of vinyasas...i´m so glad i found this one. I loved the cues, i loved the way everything was explained and it wasn't just a bunch of sun salutations to fill the class. Doing this one again for sure. And following this teacher!!!!
Cheryl F. - -
This has become a go to video for me. Builds a little heat, has some overall flow, and opens up my hips and legs. I like to do it when I'm stiff after traveling or the day after a run, and always feel relaxed and loose afterwards.
Hsinwen C. - -
Very clearly good combination
Helps my injuries
Jayne I. - -
Lovely gently way to stretch whilst I'm working with some challenges...thank you! !
Jamie L. - -
Agreed-you need more full length videos! Great class for revisiting a familiar pose and further strengthening the foundation of it.
Cat M. - -
Lainie is an amazing, technically wonderful teacher that has a big heart and sassy style always beings a smile to my face in difficult posture. This was perfect!
extremely helpful
susan g. - - are an excellent instructor..I felt so good after this and enjoyed your attention to detail..thank you! Most helpful. Perfect pacing.
Josephine C. - -
Lainie! You need more full length videos!! Love your guidance & miss to practice 'live' with you...
Cheryl Z. - -
Great quick workout with the balance pose graduating throughout the sequence. I loved it and felt great afterwards. That's what yoga is all about. Thanks
Shannon L. - -
I LOVE your energy!
Dina F. - -
nice practice - pleasant and useful guidance. thanks!
Nancy G. - -
this feels so good and is really nicely paced -- thanks Lainie!
beatriz s. - -
I really enjoyed this class, thank you!