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More classes from David PLEASE!
Rosalyn L. - -
He has such humor and expertise, I forget the pain of the workout. He's so diverting.
Fun class
Mari H. - -
I really enjoyed this practice. It's short and to the point. I love David's sense of humor throughout.
Tough and Invigorating
Jennifer B. - -
Didn't know what to expect at first but I really enjoyed the challenge of this class. The shifts were smooth and the overall heat he mentioned came through. Great way to start the day.
Madeleine O. - -
This was a fun 20 minute class and I felt like I did a little bit of work. I paused for the inversions which added to the heat. Would do this class again.
Rachel J. - -
I usually stick with level 2 classes but wanted to try this class because it looked fun! Did not disappoint - fell out a few times and thought it was challenging. Worked up a sweat and the class transitioned nicely to a little more calmness at the end. Can’t wait to try longer level 3 classes. Thank you!
Christine S. - -
This was wonderful for me. A great, energizing sequence. It opens hips and shoulders. The pace and the humor are SPOT ON. More like this please!
Well rounded and challenging ... in a good way!
Susie B. - -
Love this class. David is one of my favorites!
Ikonia u. - -
This was a great workout, took the option of pausing for inversion practice. Thank you again, David you rock!
One of my favorites!
Monica D. - -
I love this class for a short intense workout. Also, David Lynch is my favorite teacher on the site. Great guidance, energy, and wit. Love him!
Great Class!
Barbara B. - -
This was a great class to start the day. Nice pace, flow, full body engagement. David’s helpful instruction, humor and awareness is appreciated! I like the short, efficient class option. 20 minutes of bliss.
My "Go To" Class
Jade M. - -
I absolutely love David's classes. They're challenging and his sense of humor makes every class fly by. This 20-ish minute class is one of my favorites and I practice it MANY times a week because it's a well-rounded practice that incorporates core work and inversion options. Thank you so much!
Wonderful instruction
Helene L. - -
I thoroughly enjoyed David's class; well taught and very personable. A great sense of humor makes an excellent class even better. I will definitely try his other classes.
Favorite Teacher
Jordan B. - -
I have never taken a class with David in person, but his video classes are clever, intense, and well instructed. I'm a yoga teacher so I thoroughly enjoy a practice that is no nonsense with some sarcastic wit. Def my go to teacher!
Liz T. - -
Love these shorter practices and David makes me giggle - more please!
Perfect for when you "don't have time"
Aurora G. - -
My hours have been too long to make it to David's classes in person. I'm so glad he has some short videos so I can get in some yoga during a free 30 minutes. I like his optional break for inversions. He is still a clear instructor via the website, and also still funny.
Nice quick sesh
Jenda S. - -
Perfect quick practice and appropriate for intermediates. It'll definitely get your heart going and you will feel energized as a result! I used to take David's classes in person regularly and he was definitely a fav... Then had to move :(. Was so glad to see his classes available here! His instruction is always clear, general organization of his poses and transitions on point... Not to mention he is so positive and witty!